Oklahoma Hair Transplant Website

Oklahoma Hair Transplant Website
We are excited to announce that we built and launched a new website for an Oklahoma client that specializes in men’s hair transplants.

The new website is mobile responsive and has some cool bew added features that the old site does not have. There is a new contact form that allows users to contact, submit, and engage in live chat should they need questions answered immediately. Hair transplants in Oklahoma are becoming more common as high winds from tornadoes seem to be blowing the hair follicles right off the scalp. That of course is a joke, but I wouldn’t doubt if it was real. Having the website mobile friendly will also help users sign in to the website from mobile devices and choose hair styles, hair line, part lines, and more. hair transplant websiteThe hair transplant industry has come along way since the 80’s when men didn’t have these types of advanced options. And now with the web technology catching up, we are making it easier for recipients of the transplants to render 3D models of their new transplants and decide beforehand how they want the procedure done. Also on the new website is a render engine that will allow for realtime rendering of the transplant. This will allow a potential patient to login using a mobile device, scan their own face with the built in camera and render a model of the finished procedure. So far this technology has really helped potential patients make the decision that was previously difficult to make. They are now given the opportunity to learn so much more about the transplant than previously was available and it’s increasing the amount of business referrals they are getting to the website. We look forward to updates in the future that include more advanced technology as it relates to men’s hair transplant technology. Also check out this website here for more about mens hair transplants http://greathairok.com/

Huntersville North Carolina

Huntersville North Carolina

New Location Coming Soon!

Exciting news!! We have plans in place to open up a satellite location in Huntersville North Carolina. There is a team of Web Designers already there that has been building websites for local businesses including the local Chamber of Commerce. We are going to be partnering with them to expand from Canada and the Pacific North West over to the East Coast. Having a presence in North Carolina will allow us the flexibility of meeting and building relationships with local businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the surrounding states. There will be a team of four people working out of Barista Craft Coffe using their Wifi until an official office is located. We will be going through a local property management company called Hecht Property Management to find our official location. We will post an official announcement when we are all moved in.


Sites Built For Huntersville Businesses

Check out this list of 5 local businesses that have used our team to build their website. Some of these sites are outside of Huntersville near Davidson and Cornelius. There are examples here also that are a little outdated but were great sites for the time.

1. http://www.eatsmokeyjsbbq.com/

2. http://www.woodiesautoservice.com/locationsHuntersvilleNC.htm

3. http://www.doylechiropractic.com/

4. https://burnbootcamp.com/huntersville-nc/

5. https://www.musikalessons.com/violin-lessons-huntersville-nc

Additional Opportunities For Employees In Huntersville

lake norman north carolinaIt’s cold up here in Canada, having a satellite office in Huntersville North Carolina will be a luxury for sure. With Lake Norman near by, we anticipate purchasing a company boat for client entertainment. Probably something along the line of a pontoon boat unless the owners decide something a little more luxurious is needed. Having access to a lake for team-building events and preparing employees in management for Six Sigma training will be a focal point in 2018. In addition to adding qualified web designers in the local market, we will be adding regional sales staff to accompany our team there.  Strayer University has a great program and the students will already be local and ready for an internship. We will be looking to the class of 2017 for possible hiring solutions. In addition to web design and sales, we will be preparing to hire the following positions in our Huntersville location.

• IT Manager

• HR Director

• Creative Director

• SEO Engineer

• Graphic Designer

• Software Programmer

Breaking Ground

It’s possible that the folks over at Hecht Property Management won’t be able to find us the retail space we desire. We won’t know for sure until we reach out with a thorough request. We have been contemplating a warehouse style open floor plan that would allow the entire team to be in view of one another. There are some available warehouse spaces here in the Huntersville North Carolina area. That is a possibility if we can find the right one that is suited to our needs. Some of these warehouses are designed for outbound shipping which wouldn’t be one of our services, so a loading dock would be unnecessary.

2018 The Year of Growth

Moving into 2018 we look to expand our reach not only physically across into parts of the United States, but globally through the reach of the internet. A lot of our current client base is coming out of the Southwest regions of the United States. This is primarily due to the fact that we have a sales engineer on staff that has connections to Arizona and New Mexico. We are excited about all of the growth happening through 2017 and leading into 2018.


Web Design Deals July 2017

Web Design Deals July 2017

Affordable Web Design Deals For July 2017

New for the month of July, we are offering single template web design projects to businesses all over the world. From Canada to the U.S. we have been building websites for businesses that get traffic, convert, and increase sales. We use the WordPress platform and a slew of plugins available through the plugin market.

What You Get With Your Website

• 5 Pages Including The Home Page

• Licensed Images From Deposit Photos

• Video Embeds From Your Youtube Channel (if you have them)website youtube embeds

• Optimization of 4 Pages With The Yoast SEO Plugin

• Hosting Through Host Gator (if needed)


• And 30 Days of Online Support

Why Buy Your Website From Us?

We are a reliable Web Design Firm firm from Canada that has been building client websites for over 10 years. Our team of web developers has produced some of the most successful websites on the internet. We are designers first, content creators second, and search engine optimizers third. Having your website designed and hosted by us means that you will have a great design that is mobile friendly for years to come. We take pride in our ability to produce quality designs at an affordable price. We have testimonials from clients throughout Canada and the U.S. that are available upon request. Our customer support team has won awards through online communities that recognize small design companies for their hard work. We believe that if you choose Canada Web Designers you will be satisfied with our work and find that the investment is minimal compared to the return on investment.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Past Projects

Car And Boat Detailing: http://chasedetailing.com/

CBD Oils: https://cbdoilsvape.com/

Women’s Golf Apparel: https://www.flirteegolf.com/

Example websites for clientsRequest More Project Examples

If the three URLS listed above were not enough to convince you that our work is worth the money then contact us today and request an industry specific example for the type of website you need built. Also, providing an example of any website that you would like built will give us the opportunity to analyze and assess the complexity of the development before giving you a quote. The deal we have in place for this July only includes 4 pages plus the home page. Upon request, we can add more pages to the site as needed to give you the website you want at the best available price.

Existing Website Migration

If you have an existing site that you want to be migrated from an existing platform we can do that also. Here is a list of platform migrations that are included in July’s special.

Sites We Will Migrate From

• Free Web Builder: wix.com

• Free Web Builder: wordpress.com

• Free Web Builder: weebly.com

Request Additional Migrations

If your website is hosted on a different platform than those listed above, simply fill out the request form and submit it to us. We should be able to respond within 24 hours to let you know if we can migrate your old website onto a new platform. Migrations usually extend the duration of the new build by a few days depending on the complexity of the migration. There are things to consider before migration, especially if you have a functioning online store attached to the property.

Things To Consider

• Does your site have a Woo Commerce cart?

• Is there a hosted email address on your current platform?

• Is the content that exists on the site yours?

• Do you have access to the registrar?

• Do you have access to the hosting account?

These are just a few things to consider before requesting a migration. free dropbox backup for our clientsThe other thing we would highly recommend is that you back up your site to either Dropbox or Google drive before doing anything. It’s important for businesses to have an updated copy of their website in case something goes down.

Contact Us Today

If you are considering having a website built, need a migration, or just need some revisions made to an existing site then contact us today and our team of professional web designers will get back to you with a quote.






Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity Theft

hackers steal data at gas pump

Identity theft affects close to 15 million Americans each year. This number has increased dramatically with the rise of technology. Online identify theft is a convenient method for stealing consumer information from retail establishments and restaurants that process credit and debit card information. There was an incident that took place back in 2013 where Target was hacked and 40 millions of credit card numbers were stolen. This is a very sophisticated version of a more common problem, hackers are stealing credit card information and identities from almost everywhere. A very popular scam has been taking place at gas stations where hackers will install a physical component inside the pumps computer that captures credit and debit information has someone is fueling their vehicle. Apparently there is a universal key that is obtainable online that allows hackers to open up the face of the pump and hack the pump using advanced technologies.

How To Keep Your Information Safe

Start by never giving out your personal information to inbound callers asking for financial details or any other information that seems sketchy. In the same manner, do not reply to unsolicited emails asking for personal information, or clicking links in those emails if they were unsolicited. Install and maintain virus protection software on your computers, purchase them, and keep them up to date. Make sure that if you are using wifi in a public place that it’s password protected, and never access sensitive information like bank accounts on public networks. If you are making purchases online, confirm that the source you are buying from is legitimate and not a spoof site. Knowing the difference between http:// and https:// will help you to better understand where to make safer transactions. Secure your home network, install a firewall, and password protect your wifi and all personal computers in the house including kids computers, laptops, tablets, phones, and anything else that can be accessed through your network. hard drive shreddingPutting computers and other electronic devices that live on the network “to sleep’ is a great way to keep the devices off the network while they are not being used. If at some point the computers, tablets, phones, or other network compatible electronic devices become outdated and you dispose of them, be sure to either pull the hard drive out yourself and destroy it with a hammer, or contract a hard drive destruction service to pick up your outdated electronics and dispose of them. Business like that have industrial strength hard drive shredders that literally shred the drives into scrap metal, leaving NO CHANCE for hackers to retrieve personal data off of those drives. In the picture to the right you can see how impossible it would be for a hacker to steal any information from that hard drive after it’s been destroyed and shredded.

Moving Forward

If you have not been following these basic guidelines I suggest you start. No time like the present to secure your identity and your personal data. When you are out and about, it is suggested that you use your debit card as a credit card when possible. I have found that at the gas pump if I choose credit over debit it allows me to run the card as a credit card. In this case I only have to enter my city zip as opposed to my debit PIN number. I have made a habit out of doing this and so far, so good. Hopefully these few pointers and resources will help you make better decisions online, and out in public.

Web Design For New Jersey Movers

Web Design For New Jersey Movers

Proud To Be Canadian Designing Websites For New Jersey Moving Companies


It’s not often we get inquiries from outside Canada for web design services. The U.S. has plenty of web developers and designers that are more than capable to get the job done. So why did they reach out to us in Canada? Well, it appears they had a business associate along the Canadian U.S. border that had used our services before. This was a great referral, we do our best to provide better than excellent customer service to our clients for this reason alone. Design work these days isn’t as hard as it once was. With so many plug and play apps that allow you to build sites with drag and drop functionality like WIX.com (yes I know they are a Canadian company).

website design CA

So when a local New Jersey moving company reached out for a custom design, we didn’t hesitate to deliver one of our best design concepts. We were familiar enough with the area of New Jersey that they serviced that we were able to create a custom look and feel that surprised even the locals. In addition to our design, we made it mobile responsive and also added a local GPS app that allowed the local residence to monitor the moving truck before it arrived to the home and after it departed to deliver the customers belongings either to a storage unit or the customers new home. This feature was made into an app and also embedded into the website. If you are unfamiliar with how moving companies bill, it’s common to bill for travel time, load and unload time. This app/widget also allowed the business to monitor the moving trucks and make sure the movers weren’t making any unnecessary stops along the way.

This was one of those projects that started out as web design and moved into app development and custom programming. Moving services in the U.S. are becoming more and more efficient and affordable. To make a long distance move from New Jersey to Canada once would have cost you an arm and a leg, however now with efficient travel guides, GPS systems, two way moving options, and online communications, businesses more than ever are providing affordable moving services and we would be pleased to design web sites for all of them.

If you own or know of moving companies NJ that would like us to design a website for you then contact us using the contact page listed in the menu.

Things To Know About Advertising Agencies

According to the purpose of the advertisers, typical customers of marketing services comprises of seeking non profit organizations, government agencies, corporations, partnership and sole proprietorship companies. Bureaus may be employed to create messages that were commercial. This can be also called advertising agencies OKC expert’s campaign. Such services can be big or small. Their size can be quantified in buildings that were capitalized. Now buildings that are capitalized are the total of the measured company which passes through the control of the bureaus. Such bureaus having a lot of workers typically have multiple places.

The continuous development of marketing: services is such that they are able to supply much more than marketing that is regular. This relationship has details regarding termination clauses together with fees, ownerships, commissions and includes a stipulated time limit. In such instances, the job is not dependent, and the cost is handled so.

Advertising agencies cater for useful resources of any business which seeks to raise the customer base. Such services are usually backed by company understanding of company strategy and media positioning. The focus of various services may not be same. Some may supply for several customers that are big rather than accept to accounts that are new. At exactly the same time, some services may preserve equilibrium with businesses that are larger. The larger firms may also enhance the standing of businesses that are small. The advertising agencies should know about the concerns of the businesses that are small. They must comprehend the concerns of the businesses that are small.

Among the greatest methods to pick from advertising agencies would be to ask someone whom you’ll be able to trust. If there’s any ad which you truly enjoy, then you definitely can call that company up and leave a compliment for his or her pleasurable flavor. Then you’re able to go to ask about who does their ad copies. The relationship between the service and your client should be according to faith. It’s possible for you to select to work with the agencies with whom you’ve a connection that is substantial. The services you will get will cost a significant sum that may allow you to feel positive about your satisfaction through the entire relationship.’

Sugar Land DWI Lawyer

What this means is your attorney may not understand developments and significant tips that can make all the difference in whether you win your case. You should hire a Sugar Land DWI lawyer who focuses on such a law, should you really want an opportunity of winning. These specialists observe for landmark cases that may alter the course of a case and keep current on all the developments in the field or alter how they’d manage the case. Working with a Sugar Land DWI lawyer can be your best possibility of finding a means to win your case and return to your own life.

Your Sugar Land DWI lawyer is among the people that will be as your trial tactics of the most help to you personally. Friends and your family may support you, but your lawyer will do all the legwork needed to allow you to protect yourself. When there is a brand new development in the field or new info that can not be irrelevant to your own case, your lawyer will be looking for it. Your lawyer will need to go over your case while everything is fresh in your brain to ensure you forget tips that could help you win your case or do not miss out on significant details. Your Sugar Land DWI lawyer will be working hard for you yourself to enable you to defend yourself.

You’ll receive a pink slip in the detaining policeman, when you are arrested for driving under the influence. Based on the rules, you’ve got ten calendar days from receiving the pink slip request a hearing and to call the DMV. Your Sugar Land DWI lawyer make arrangements for a hearing and also can contact the DMV. The period of time for requesting a hearing is quite rigorous. You will end up refused a hearing, should you not telephone within ten calendar days and your suspension will kick in after your 30-day temporary permit has expired. A stay means that they’ll expand the legality of your temporary permit beyond the initial 30-day interval.

These punishments may include court costs, fines, jail time, probation, and other fees designed to discourage offenders from committing exactly the same offense as time goes on. The punishments for the first three violations contain each of these punishments at amounts that grow with every added conviction. Once you collect a fourth violation, it becomes a felony and the required minimums for the other fees for DWI increase and jail time increase as well with felony charges. This affect your life and can be quite serious. Having a Sugar Land DWI lawyer to represent you and any subsequent proceeding is crucial if you wish to be able have the capacity to return to your own occupation and other tasks and to continue with your life.