Howto: Export And Import A WordPress Blog Using All In One WP Migration

Howto: Export And Import A WordPress Blog Using All In One WP Migration


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  1. I have 4600 files on my existing site, and the rate it is archiving (It hasn’t got to download the file yet) is going to take about 150 hours! I am not moving the theme, and there are about 50 images, the rest is all pages of text. Is this normal? I hope the internet doesn’t crash during these 150 hours. any advice?

  2. Good tutorial. Seems like your plugin is missing a crucial configuration option…. different domain. As you know, WP is bound to a domain in the database. If you are migrating to a different domain, your plugin would fail would it not? Once imported, the DB would try to launch the site on the old domain. Also, on the new server, the database name, host, user & pass may be different. How does your plugin handle this?

  3. Does it migrate to a new domain name.

    I mean I have developed a wordpress website using on my local VM; Now I want to host it with with new domain; So How can I use “All in One WP Migration” plugin to fulfill my requirement.

    Also Does the exported files includes all my data files like pdfs, jpg etc.?

    Does it have a limit of 512MB only ?

  4. There is a something missing: how can import the exported file to the new domain if i cannot install WP on the new domain? 99 % of these plugins are unusable, confusing crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the video, a clear demonstration.

    Everything else looks okay, but my new site can’t find the images after importing wpress backup file. They are in the library though.
    Any idea what I can do, not to connect each image once again?

    Thank you, Ellen

  6. I love this plugin, I can say it’s better than Backupbuddy, Duplicator and other all plugin available so far. Thanks developers.

  7. Nice video. I have one question. Is there any file size limit? I have a website was built on sub-domain, and now I want to transfer the whole website contents (all the contents: around 250 products, descriptions plus pictures).

    Thank you.

  8. I cannot download large backup file! The session might get expire. I was downloaded 287 MB and download was stuck. What is a solution for this issue? Is there any way to make this session unlimited? What is pre-solution for upload time? Thanks

  9. exactly what i was looking for. tried duplicator and wp clone and they weren’t working or were too complicated! This plugin worked really great without a problem. Thank you for the great explanation!

  10. Amazing plugin, very easy to use and doesn’t need any experience, i recommended to every body, especially i was trying many other ways of how to migrate my website from localhost to live server, and i struggle lot searching, trying without success, until i found this fantastic plugin, thank you for all the team who created!.

  11. Trying to import a site I have on a localhost in one Mac to a diff mac’s locahost. keep getting stuck at “restoring 7756… 0%”

    could somebody explain what is going wrong???

  12. So ive bought my domain and hosting with 123 reg. I dont understand the bit about a new wordpress website? how do i do this? i created my website i just want it to go live on my hosting company

  13. hey
    i use this plugin and i am useing woocommerce plugin also most of the site work fine but the items in the home page from woocommerce dose not work

    any reasson?

  14. I exported the original site (no problem). Then imported the files to the new site (seemed to work). Then I logged into my new site using the old site’s credentials and saved the permalinks twice (as instructed). All the files are there on the new site. Everything seemed to work. But when I go online to the new url, the site is not there. It shows a WordPress install; that’s it. Anybody have any suggestions? Many thanks.

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