Backup & Restore WordPress Website Tutorial Video

Backup & Restore WordPress Website Tutorial Video

In this video wordpress tutorial I will be talking about how to backup wordpress blog or website ( this is for a full back up ) and how to restore wordpress data using a fast and easy to follow instructions.
To see the instruction in text follow the link above


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  1. Hi is using the export tool in the admin area the same as exporting your database through myPHP admin? Can you use this method to move a website to a new location or do you need to edit some files as well? Thanks

  2. I created some videos-guides about wordpress and I uploaded the first video on Ytube today. I uploaded a sneak peek from the training on my channel.. watch this video: –> /watch?v=MQUVoy4eCJ8 <=== or click on my username to watch it

  3. You’re incorrect about “Everything being in the database”. An example would be the files in wp-content folder. (They’re not part of the database)

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  5. why in the f**k does backing up, moving and restoring wordpress have to be such a gigantic pain in the arse? Try Joomla with Akeeba, it does everything wordpress does, it is free, and I could teach a four year old to do it in five minutes. I REALLY hate wordpress.

  6. It is not a simple as exporting your database. your have to move the files, and the database, and when you restore it, you are going to have to modify the URLS in the database.

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  8. Everytime i work on my site, I come away tearing out my hair. Nothing is ever easy when it comes to WP, that’s for sure. I love how people say, yeah, just get a wp site, set it up and boom, you’re good to go. Hahaha.

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  10. Hi Sam,will this backup and restore work if i restore it to a different server and cpanel,in other words change over to another host.Thanks for your videos very well done.

  11. could i just do a backup of the cpanel with backup wizard instead ?,and of course the sql as you explained.Thanks much

  12. Thanks for taking the time to make and post this video. It is very useful.  However, when one starts scaling up the number of websites to manage this process could quickly become very labor intensive.  In my past life I have provided 24x7x365 operational support where I have had to recover very complex, very large databases.  Waking up at 2 am and trying to do this could be error prone especially when a client is tapping their fingers wondering when they will be back in business.  I am looking for an automated process that is as bullet proof as possible.  I am going to go with VaultPress (no, I definitely am not a salesman) and see how that works.  I like to stick with mainstream, mature software (I do consider cpanel to be in this category) whenever possible regardless of the bells and whistles some newer software provides and I understand this could be short sighted in some cases but I need/want dependability.  Thanks again for taking the time.  

  13. nice tutorial..

    thx and god bless you and the world..

    a sincere blessing from hong kong..


  14. I have maded full website backup from cpanel and I want to know how to restore that full backup can anyone tell me?

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