Huntersville North Carolina

Huntersville North Carolina

New Location Coming Soon!

Exciting news!! We have plans in place to open up a satellite location in Huntersville North Carolina. There is a team of Web Designers already there that has been building websites for local businesses including the local Chamber of Commerce. We are going to be partnering with them to expand from Canada and the Pacific North West over to the East Coast. Having a presence in North Carolina will allow us the flexibility of meeting and building relationships with local businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the surrounding states. There will be a team of four people working out of Barista Craft Coffe using their Wifi until an official office is located. We will be going through a local property management company called Hecht Property Management to find our official location. We will post an official announcement when we are all moved in.


Sites Built For Huntersville Businesses

Check out this list of 5 local businesses that have used our team to build their website. Some of these sites are outside of Huntersville near Davidson and Cornelius. There are examples here also that are a little outdated but were great sites for the time.






Additional Opportunities For Employees In Huntersville

lake norman north carolinaIt’s cold up here in Canada, having a satellite office in Huntersville North Carolina will be a luxury for sure. With Lake Norman near by, we anticipate purchasing a company boat for client entertainment. Probably something along the line of a pontoon boat unless the owners decide something a little more luxurious is needed. Having access to a lake for team-building events and preparing employees in management for Six Sigma training will be a focal point in 2018. In addition to adding qualified web designers in the local market, we will be adding regional sales staff to accompany our team there.  Strayer University has a great program and the students will already be local and ready for an internship. We will be looking to the class of 2017 for possible hiring solutions. In addition to web design and sales, we will be preparing to hire the following positions in our Huntersville location.

• IT Manager

• HR Director

• Creative Director

• SEO Engineer

• Graphic Designer

• Software Programmer

Breaking Ground

It’s possible that the folks over at Hecht Property Management won’t be able to find us the retail space we desire. We won’t know for sure until we reach out with a thorough request. We have been contemplating a warehouse style open floor plan that would allow the entire team to be in view of one another. There are some available warehouse spaces here in the Huntersville North Carolina area. That is a possibility if we can find the right one that is suited to our needs. Some of these warehouses are designed for outbound shipping which wouldn’t be one of our services, so a loading dock would be unnecessary.

2018 The Year of Growth

Moving into 2018 we look to expand our reach not only physically across into parts of the United States, but globally through the reach of the internet. A lot of our current client base is coming out of the Southwest regions of the United States. This is primarily due to the fact that we have a sales engineer on staff that has connections to Arizona and New Mexico. We are excited about all of the growth happening through 2017 and leading into 2018.