New Projects For 2018

Welcoming 2018 With A Bang!

application developmentThe new year should prove to be productive for our staff here. We have a handful of new projects that we are excited to launch and a batch of new clients we are excited to take on. For starters, we will be unveiling some new software that our clients will be offered. Most of our SAS solutions have been sold to other developers that also build websites. What we wanted to do in 2018 was bring the consumer (our clients) an arsenal of software tools to help them better market their websites online and give their customers various tools to help them better manage those relationships. Things like WordPress integrated client portals and backend software solutions for their clients to log in and book appointments or ask questions was something that was requested. So we came up universal solutions that all of our clients could use, something that could easily be installed as a WordPress plugin then activated and managed by the client. We will be offering management services to install and configure the plugins but to start in 2018 we will be launching them. One of our new client projects will be for a Chiropractic clinic similar to this site where patients can log in and manage their profile including results as their back pain improves over the course of the months after treatment. Patients will be able to log in and use a rating system to express their pain levels so that the corresponding provider can better gauge the effectiveness of the chiropractic care being performed on the patient. There is also a towing company that will have a site similar to this Calgary towing company that will have a mobile app developed for stranded users to log in and sees how close a tow truck is for dispatch. This will be especially convenient during the cold winter months when Calgary turns into a frozen tundra. 2018 is sure to ring in some exciting new projects and app development. We will keep you posted as we make progress and develop these new products. Software and automation is only becoming more of a necessity as our lives and devices demand it. Stay tuned as we update this blog more regularly in 2018.

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Renovating The Oklahoma Office

Renovating The Oklahoma Office

Renovating The Oklahoma Office For The Winter

oklahoma office gets updateWinter can be harsh on your office, especially your roof. About a quarter of the heat in your office is lost through its roof, so protecting your office from the elements like wind, snow, sleet, and hail might be the difference between a warm, comfortable office and a drafty, cold one. Even if you live in a climate where you don’t have to shovel snow, you still need to protect your roof from seasonal hazards. We hired an Oklahoma City roofing company to winterize the rooftop and get us prepared for winter rains and hail storms.

Regular routine check-ups of your roof are essential to maintaining its integrity. The older a roof is, the more work it will probably need, so you will first need to assess the age of your roof. A typical asphalt roof can last up to 20 years, but if you are missing any shingles or you lack insulation, you are losing heat through your roof, and it is costing you money. Another sign your roof is in need of repair is that the shingles are bucking and curling; this will definitely cause problems when winter comes. Watch, too, the valleys of your roof. If they are compromised, your roof may sustain leaks and cause excess damage. When you inspect your roof, or you have a licensed OKC contractor inspect your roof, make sure the flashing on the chimney is watertight, otherwise, this will be another area where water can seep into your office. An obvious sign of a roof problem is sunlight peering through the roof boards. Check your attic during the day for any signs of sunlight and for moisture in your attic; these are clear signs your attic is compromised and must be fixed before the winter sets in.

The best way to protect your office and family from the elements is to ensure the roof is structurally sound before any problems arise. Since heat rises, if your roof has any leaks or holes, the heat is escaping through these spaces, costing you lots of unnecessary money. It is important to check your shingles and to properly fix any lose or missing ones before they cause greater problems. You will also want to look closely at the shingles; over time the granules that compromise the shingles break down and allow sun, wind and snow and even bugs to infiltrate your roof. In addition to an annual assessment of your roof before winter time, you should check your roof after any major storm to determine the damage, if any. Even something as simple as a rainstorm can wreak havoc on your office.

What steps can you take to protect your roof when completing an inspection? Hire a tree cutting service in OKC to make sure the leaves and branches don’t pile up, causing debris to get under the shingles. Check your gutters and drains and remove the bunches of leaves that accumulate; this way water and ice won’t build up on the leaves, making your roof more susceptible to leaks and water damage. Do a thorough inspection of your roof’s trusses to make sure they are able to handle excess weight; in case you compile a lot of snow in winter. If you notice problems with leaks, holes, broken trusses, or wet insulation to name just a few, contact a contractor to rectify the small problem before it becomes a large problem. Addressing the issue before winter is ideal; finding out you have a structural roof problem in the dead of winter will likely be impossible to attend to until spring. By then, the problems could compound, costing you, even more, money than had you taken care of the issues before the bad weather.

While inspecting your chimney may not seem like an important element when assessing your roof, it is something you should check, as well. Check the flashing against the chimney and roof to see if it has cracks or is rusted; this could be an area for leaks. You may also want to have the chimney cleaned to prepare for the cold winter season.

There are many companies who offer an assessment of your office’s internal temperature and the amount of heat and cold that escapes through your windows, doors, and roof. This simple inspection can save you money all year long on energy costs, so it is important to conduct one before the snow and ice make checking out the roof a hazard. This assessment will let you know if your roof is properly insulated and ventilated, two key elements in a “healthy” roof. You may notice that one room in your office is hotter or colder than the others; this could be an insulation issue. When you have an office energy audit, you will be able to determine where your roof is lacking so that you can address how to fix the problem. Simply sealing and insulating your roof may help to eliminate drafts in your office.

You will also want to inspect inside your house for water stains, cracks in the ceiling or walls, or any obvious leaks. A spike in your heating and cooling bills will also be an indication that the heat/cold is escaping, potentially costing you thousands of dollars.

Contact your insurance company to see if they can help you with any expenses. They may pay for a preventative maintenance trip or possibly for some repairs. Each businesses insurance plan is different, so before you invest in costly work, make sure you know what they will cover if anything.

So before the winter winds start blowing, either hop up on that roof or better yet, pay an expert to take a good look at your roof. Remove excess debris and inspect the gutters, flashing, and shingles for any damage. Crawl in the attic space during the day to look for signs of daylight; if sunlight can get through, so can rain, snow and other undesirables. Check your trusses to make sure they are secure and your insulation for wet spots and potential problems. Assess your office from the inside to see if you have drafty spots in your office or signs of roof damage from the inside. Remember, the money you invest now in your roof will save you money on your energy bills all throughout the year!

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Using The Redirection Plugin For WordPress: Tutorial.

Using The Redirection Plugin For WordPress: Tutorial.

From A quick video for a client. How to use the Redirection Plugin with UTM Tracking codes for WordPress. Internet Business Training with Paul Barrs

WordPress Tutorial 4 – Header And Footer Files

WordPress Tutorial 4 – Header And Footer Files


In the fourth video of our WordPress tutorial series, I introduce you to the header.php and footer.php files, and we also add a few small styles to our theme.


Lead Generation WordPress Tutorial

Lead Generation WordPress Tutorial

For more tactics and strategies go here:


[ITA] – WordPress Tutorial – Creare Un Sito WordPress In Meno Di 60 Minuti

[ITA] – WordPress Tutorial – Creare Un Sito WordPress In Meno Di 60 Minuti

– WordPress Tutorial – Creare Un Sito WordPress In Meno Di 60 Minuti” upload_time=”2016-02-07T21:51:25.000Z” description=”In questo tutorial vi mostrerò come creare un sito WordPress completo in meno di 60 minuti. Vi mostrerò come creare un sito WordPress partendo dall’installazione” duration=”PT52M46S”]
In questo tutorial vi mostrerò come creare un sito WordPress completo in meno di 60 minuti.
Vi mostrerò come creare un sito WordPress partendo dall’installazione del prodotto e guidandovi attraverso tutti i passi necessari per gestire plugin, widget, creare pagine, articoli e menù, template ed impostazioni.

Introduzione 00:00
Prerequisiti 00:40
ORG vs COM 01:25
Installazione 04:29
Overview 12:57
Dashboard 14:46
Media Library 15:15
Modifica Header 18:09
Impoostazioni 23:02
Crea Pagina 27:11
Menù 28:58
Plugins 32:27
Crea Post 45:53
Widgets 48:51
Conclusioni 52:04


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Please watch: “Node.JS for Beginners Tutorial Series – 1. Introduction and Installation”

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How To Make A Portfolio Website Using WordPress (Photography Portfolio)

How To Make A Portfolio Website Using WordPress (Photography Portfolio)

How To Make A Portfolio Website using WordPress

Link to HostGator:
Coupon Code: SNAPS1PENNY (1st month hosting only 1 penny!)

This video will show you how to make a Portfolio Website using WordPress (using the Free “Snaps WordPress Theme”). I will personally guide you through everything you need to know, step by step.

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In this tutorial we will be using the “SNAPS WordPress Theme”, which is a GREAT looking and Simple to Use “Portfolio” Theme which is great for Photographers, Logo and Graphic Designers etc…..and also, it’s 100% FREE for us to use!

Making a Portfolio Website with WordPress is SUPER EASY and I think that if you follow this tutorial, you will have NO PROBLEMS at all!

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Contact Form 7:
Regenerate Thumbnails:
Simple Share Buttons Adder:
WP Smush:
W3 Total Cache:

The Times mentioned here are clickable and will bring you to that exact point in the video… You guys asked for a way to navigate through my videos… You got it!

00:00 Personal Introduction
Website Overview/Demo
Tutorial Check List
Signing up for Hosting & Domain Name (using HostGator)
Logging into what’s know as the HostGator “CPanel”
Installing WordPress using the CPanel
Signing into WordPress for the First Time
Changing Our WordPress Password
Changing The WordPress Theme
(We Are Using The “SNAPS” Theme)
Site Title, Tagline & Site Icon (favicon)
Theme Colours
Main Site Banner Image
Background Image
Deleting Demo Content (Page, Post and Plugins)
Adding Our “About Me” Page
Creating Clickable Links (Hyper Links)
Adding Our “Contact Me” Page
Turning Comments ON/OFF
Creating A Custom Menu
Installing Our Contact Form Plugin (Contact Form 7)
Adding Our Contact Form
Before we add our portfolio image posts
Installing and Using Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin
Changing Thumbnail Sizes to 236×315 pixels (Our Main Portfolio Images)
Adding Our Main Portfolio Posts & Images
Setting How Many Posts Show on Homepage
Creating Categories
Adding Categories to Posts
Creating Our “Categories Menu”
Changing Permalink Structure (URL)
Changing Our Footer “Widgets”
Adding Social Sharing Buttons (Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin)
Installing and Activating WP Smush Plugin
TIP What to do if your changes don’t show up right away (W3 total cache plugin)
Congratulations – You Finished!

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Learn WordPress Tutorials – Parent And Child Categories

Learn WordPress Tutorials – Parent And Child Categories

In this video, you will learn:

Why you might want to use parent and child categories
Parent and child category examples
How to create parent and child categories
Editing existing categories and converting to parent or child

Impreza Theme WordPress Tutorial [DEUTSCH/GERMAN] 2016

Impreza Theme WordPress Tutorial [DEUTSCH/GERMAN] 2016

2016″ upload_time=”2016-05-21T10:02:16.000Z” description=”Das komplette Impreza Theme WordPress Tutorial! Hier bekommt Ihr das Theme: – Wenn Ihr mich unterstützen wollt, dann kauft das Theme bitte über den Link” duration=”PT19M54S”]
Das komplette Impreza Theme WordPress Tutorial! Hier bekommt Ihr das Theme: –

Wenn Ihr mich unterstützen wollt, dann kauft das Theme bitte über den Link 🙂

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Ich empfehle Impreza als bestes WordPress Themes!

Impreza ist in vielerlei Hinsicht außergewöhnlich. Es hat eine sehr umfangreiche, aber dennoch extrem übersichtliche Auswahl an Theme Optionen. Dadurch ist das Theme sehr flexibel und einfach zu bedienen. Fast alle Arten von Websites die ich kenne sind einfach mit Impreza zu gestalten.
Außerdem bekommt Ihr den Visual Composer direkt mit dazu. Dieser Premium Page Builder erlaubt es euch in Windeseile tolle Layouts zu bauen. Alles ist möglich! 🙂

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WordPress Dashboard Customization Tutorial

WordPress Dashboard Customization Tutorial

Using the WordPress dashboard can get confusing. Learn the proper WordPress dashboard customization to fit your needs with this little video. WordPress software is open source and free to use.