WordPress Posts & Pages Tutorial – How To Work With WP Pages & Posts

WordPress Posts & Pages Tutorial – How To Work With WP Pages & Posts

Working with WordPress posts and pages: Our most requested WordPress tutorial from clients. This is pretty much all you need to know to get to grips with working with WordPress posts and pages. WordPress 101 – how to make a post, difference between posts and pages, uploading, working with and editing images in WordPress. Understanding the TinyMCE editor, WordPress categories, WordPress tags, working with drafts, schedule WordPress posts for future posting , WordPress featured image, discussions, comments, posts revisions and much more. Contact us for custom WordPress sites and more.


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  7. Nice point about the ability to do “spell check”; also the shortened url feature. I never knew about the ability to use the quote marks, to place something in quotations – thanks.

  8. I don’t like to use the feature “Toggle Full Screen” either – ha, I’m with you on that! I do find that the Spell Checker is handy, along with I have an appreciation for my media library now; I didn’t use it in the beginning. It’s handy to have (for using pics or media in the future).

    I recommend that people make use of the library feature.

  9. How do I put posts onto pages? For example: I want to put a recipe post onto my “food” page. I can’t figure it out. Can you help?

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  16. superb!
    your video is excellent.
    your explanation is perfect.
    the sound is crystal clear.
    you answer most of my questions.
    i give you 10/10 score.
    thank you so much.

  17. i have subscribed to your channel but i did not see other videos regarding WordPress as you said at the end of this video. Please make more video regarding wordpress.

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  21. This is a great video!  Do you have more tutorials here on You Tube?  I’m having difficulty figuring out what “meta description” is & how best to match that to my content for great SEO!  Also, I can’ seem to figure out how to add HTML to my article so the SEO check will give me a YES!

  22. Hello, I have one small question: How can I take to my post some separating line, I mean that on the main page will be seen only for example first paragraph and then a readers can open it (..read more) and read all article. Thank you :))

  23. How come whenever I try to add a new post and I start typing, the letters won’t show up? So I’m not seeing what is being typed.

  24. Hi , I have a Question I want to Make Link From Each Post in a Page Then user choose title when they click on it then post come up, Sorry for my Bad English I hope you got my Point 

  25. Hi, how can I post a post on a page? So how can I write a post, and then link it to a page?

  26. Most videos seem to shop how to post on the main front page. is there no way of posting on different pages? Say you had a Static home pace and an about page, and then you wanted to blog on a number of different pages say travel food and lifestyle. Can you not post on individual pages?

  27. Hello,im trying to have my blog posts be abbreviated and include a “read more link”. I don’t want to have a page filled with long posts. How do I do that?

  28. hi there, so I wanna organize my posts but I can’t seem to figure it out. do you have a way of doing that or will I have to delete my posts.

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