WordPress Development Tutorials – Pt 18: Advanced Custom Fields

WordPress Development Tutorials – Pt 18: Advanced Custom Fields

How to install and use Advanced Custom Fields plugin for WordPress. (my favorite plugin)

Download the plugin and view the docs!



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  1. This looks like an ideal plugin for customizing the home page – adding widget sections like call to actions, a latest post widget and stuff like twitter feed etc, all easily editable for a client.

  2. Great tuts, thanks.
    when i am done i will try to rebuild it into my own design.
    but i think i’ve found and improvement. Instead of hardcoding the page id you can get the id from wordpress. assuming the title you want to display is always on the page where your custom field is.

    instead of hardcoding the ID you can use: $post->ID

  3. Yes they will need the plugin installed and activated on their version of WordPress. You can export advanced custom fields php code and paste it into the functions.php file. PLEASE, take note that this theme has been updated since this video was posted and that the theme is still in development. Using this in a production environment is at your own risk.

  4. My options are hidded. Any idea how to bring them back so that I may change my content editor to hide on screen?

  5. i am new on wordpress, can anyone tell me from where i can found this code in wordpress.

  6. I lost after configure all, I refer, this appears on edit mode but when press for “Watch Page” it does not appear (because I dont where add the codes) how do you know in what php file add the codes?

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