How To Create A Website Or Blog With WordPress! BEGINNERS Tutorial

How To Create A Website Or Blog With WordPress! BEGINNERS Tutorial

Learn how to create a great looking website or blog with the WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme (2015) – a great theme for your business site or blog, artists, professionals- great for beginners, but everyone will like it. Easily start your website or blog, customize colors, backgrounds,learn how to make a logo–and use my FREE 2015 child theme so you don’t have to mess with any coding. Learn all the basics of building your WordPress site along with some very helpful tips and free online resources that make making your site easier!

Find your free Twenty Fifteen child theme here: (scroll down the page and you’ll see the download link)


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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:55 Website preview
5:23 Mindmap/overview
8:49 Domain
9:17 Hosting
12:16 Acct info/cPanel login
13:11 WordPress installation
15:07 Dashboard
16:06 Settings
22:48 Themes
24:24 Free Child Theme
25:38 Theme Logo plugin
26:20 Helpful add-ons
27:09 Customize options
30:59 Make a logo
38:54 Add a blog post
41:10 TinyMCE plugin
42:45 Featured Image
45:35 Royalty Free image sources
47:17 Image optimization
50:17 Blog post categories & more
55:40 Embed a video
1:00:40 Home page
1:01:19 Shortcodes Ultimate plugin
1:02:26 Home page image slider
1:04:02 Call-to-action buttons & columns
1:09:00 Contact page
1:14:34 Image carousel
1:16:23 Sidebar/Widgets
1:19:04 Social icons
1:22:37 Remove comments
1:23:35 MailPoet Newsletters
1:33:52 WordFence Security plugin
1:35:06 Child theme codes


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  1. Thanks for sharing your expertise.. It’s easy for me to learn your step by step tutorial.

  2. mike do you have a video on how to properly and safely change your theme to a paid theme if you already have an active theme?

  3. Thank you very much Mike for sharing your expertise with us! I watched two of your videos and succeeded in creating a simple but beautiful website. I need to include a product page (not more than 5 products) and need your guidance please. Are there easy to learn/implement plugins you will recommend? Appreciate your suggestion. Thank you again Mike.

  4. Thank you for your help. Could you possibly give us guidance on using the reCAPTCHA for the updated contact form 7?

  5. Great video indeed. Helped me a lot from a maze of many a useless similar videos. Thanks a ton Mike!

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