Plugins And Contact Forms – WordPress Tutorial 5

Plugins And Contact Forms – WordPress Tutorial 5

In this tutorial I install a contact from plugin, and show you how to use it.

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12 Replies to “Plugins And Contact Forms – WordPress Tutorial 5”

  1. Quentin _ I loved watching you HTML 5 / CSS3 Videos, but I am still not able to fathom why will you teach – WordPress and plugins. I have already build a website using WordPress, long time ago, there are a ton of video already there and its is so intuitive that I don’t think, any of these videos add any value to me. Sorry for sounding rude – thats not my intention. I will return when I see something of value… I just can’t be a blind fan boy. And please for god sake remove, that funny hat or whatever that you are wearing, your face looks all blotted up !

  2. Hi Quentin.

    How many tutorial vids do you plan on releasing for WordPress? Keep up the good work.

  3. Quentin – I am new to WordPress and your videos make it look fairly easy to work with. Does WordPress work with cookies if not when you get a chance can you go back to JavaScriptAnd show us how to use cookies?

  4. Quentin,
    thanks so much for the videos, they are so helpful and I’m learning a lot. But i have one quick question that you might be able to help me with, how do i move my website to a live server and get my own domain and get everything running? thank you and ill be hoping for more videos and a response soon.

  5. Hey Bro, Need your help.
    Can you please provide the tutorial video of Passive theme and how can we built a good site on that theme.
    It will be really helpful.
    I also want to know how can we add Images and video in our theme. Quentin Watt Tutorials

  6. Hi Quentin, I have watched all of your videos on WordPress and most of the others and they are great! I do have a question with respect to general workflow in WordPress: How do you make major edits/deletes/additions to an existing live WordPress site? I am accustomed to building traditional php websites locally and then pushing the changes to the remote site. In the case of WordPress where you have a number of files and a database to deal with, do you back up the local site and then deploy it remotely each time like in your tutorial or do you utilize some kind of synchronization tools? Thanks!

  7. Hey Quentin, I like your tutorials as they make me understand what you teach. But I have a problem when submitting the message – I got an error. How could I solve it?

  8. Quentin, these tutorials are helping much with my prep for a web specialist position. If I get the job, I’ll be able to throw some currency to your patreon for a zol or two 😉

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