How To Install A WordPress Plugin For Beginners (Step By Step Guide)

How To Install A WordPress Plugin For Beginners (Step By Step Guide)

Do you want to install a plugin in WordPress? Well there are 3 ways to install a WordPress plugin. In this video, we will show you how to install a plugin in WordPress by using the search feature, upload feature, and through FTP.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

The best part about WordPress is plugins. It allows you to extend WordPress and create a really powerful websites.

If you wanted to install a plugin, then you must use self-hosted You CANNOT install plugins on sites.

First we will show you how to install free plugins from the WordPress repository by using the search feature in WordPress admin.

Second we will show you how to install commercial WordPress plugins from your computer by using the upload button in your admin area.

Lastly, we will show you how to install WordPress plugins using an FTP program.

Here are the plugins we’re using on WPBeginner:

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  1. I want to add a plugin to my site. However, when I go to plugins it shows I am unavailable to add a plugin. This is after I made it into into .org. Do you have to be on a certain plan to make plugins work?

  2. Here people will get step by step guideline How to Install a WordPress Plugin. Really helpful post for us.

  3. Just found ur channel. This is totally helpful for beginners like me.
    Thanks for ur hardwork and making all of these tutorials. Subscribed!

  4. Hi, I have a live blog on How can I invert it over Thank you for the support! 🙂

  5. Your videos are cool!I’ve just started my wordpress blog. Mutual likes and subscriptions.

  6. hi wpbeginner i am anup mankar from india…i want video about .. how to upload you wordpress website on free web domain,,,,

  7. I had these options in my acc. but now when i click on ‘plugins’ i get re directed to the where i don’t have the capability to pick which plugins i want, advice?

  8. The menu changed. The ‘Add New’ is gone…. when clicking plugins you can only see a tiny few. You can’t search any….

  9. Nice video thanks. But you should also mention that if you don’t have a premium account you won’t be able to install plugins. Right?

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