Creating A One Page Website In WordPress Using SiteOrigin Page Builder

Creating A One Page Website In WordPress Using SiteOrigin Page Builder

The latest update of Page Builder makes it easier than ever to create one page websites. In this guide, we show you how to create one using our free WordPress themes and plugins.

Page Builder:


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  1. HI, amazing tutorial. I am trying to follow the same steps but at the beginning when you add a new page and change the settings of it in the right column (min.1:00 of the video) I cannot see any of these when I add a page, I have installed all the plugins and still nothing. What am I missing?

  2. here is one problem in starting 🙁 i have no option in page setting …like no sidebar or overlaps content options

  3. yes i get 50% result but still hero widget …where can i get it ? it’s free or premium

  4. Hello
    I am Jack Miller
    Thanks for your tutorial.
    I learned from your tutorial Please don’t mind.
    I took many tutorials for page builder and tried everybody for how to use that for creating the one-page website.
    But anybody didn’t allow me.
    Really I am helpless for that.
    Do you think, Can I create long themes by Elementor Page Builder or Page Builder by site origin plugins? If it’s not, how do I make long themes?
    Please see my picture Please help me and suggest me? I look forward to getting your response. Have a nice day. Take care

    Sincerely yours
    Jack Miller

  5. for some reason my pluggins don’t give me the option to add. it only shows siteOrigin widgets when I hover on it can someone advise me on how to fix it. so I can download the siteOrigin Builder plugging.

  6. But, if we use the premade layouts, how do we get our own pictures into the rows/widgets?

  7. He I followed every step and used the same theme. When I choose the pre build fitness layout it doesn’t show. What can be wrong?

  8. Cut the music. Your voice goes up and down like someone is playing with the volume.

  9. Hi! Can you link to #rows in the same page through widgets, like buttons? Thanks!

  10. I’m following every step correctly, but after I click the “Live Editor” tab the pictures and content from the theme don’t pop up, only the theme’s layout. Does anyone possibly know the cause of this?!

  11. NOt able to load prebuilt layout , i end up with “Your search didn’t return any results”
    Please help

  12. This tutorial has made me a believer. I’m still learning, but I’ve finally found a system that will help me control my designs. Thanks guys.

  13. Hi, I just activated Unwind, but it doesn’t look like the Unwind demo. Can you tell me what I need to do?

  14. Can I build a Landing Page which will be integrated with MailChimp, for example?

  15. awesome… thanks bro.. but is is SEO friendly using pre layout builder? since contains page instead of post.. look for your answer

  16. This guide is useless. Seems easy and clear but in reality you can barely do anything with it. Go and try to simply add a simple row with an image, it just won’t work, and I am software engineer who used Wix for 3 years. The UI is just too complicated and most times won’t work. For example no matter what you build, the default wordpress image won’t disappear. For everything you do there is some kind of hidden menu setting you have to discover.

  17. thank you so much, i finally understand it. everything i’ve seen so far war much too complicated and reliant on plugins. really happy about this 🙂

  18. The theme seems to have a bug with full background image and mobile devices. full background image for body I mean. But its not displayed on a mobile device. why is that?

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