How To Make A Parallax WordPress Website 2017 -NEW!!

How To Make A Parallax WordPress Website 2017 -NEW!!

Get Hosting: Learn How To Make and Create A Parallax WordPress Website Step By Step for beginners 2016 and 2017!

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The accesspress parallax wordpress theme is free! This wordpress theme is the highest rated them on and is one of the best parallax themes! This is a complete wordpress website tutorial for beginners and i will show you step by step on how to use the accresspress parallax wordress them for your wordpress website!

If you wanted to create a website and make your very own website, than this tutorial is for you. The theme is free so with hosting, this is a free website! Lets Create A Website!

Here are some things that you will need in this wordpress tutorial to help get you started:


Call To Action Script:


WooCommerce Shortcodes, Check Documentation for more details

Twitter Apps Link:


eCommerce tutorial: 1:06:52 (Start There)

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22 Replies to “How To Make A Parallax WordPress Website 2017 -NEW!!”

  1. i dont see any of these options to download this theme? does wordpress constantly change the platform

  2. Good job, Darrel. But I need your help. I have “blog”” on my main menu. However when I click on it, it will redirect to the home page instead of the blog post. I already have enabled static page – front page to “home” and posts page to “blog”. can you help on this?

  3. darrel how do i add a page without the theme. in other words id like to design my own page in the theme.

  4. that isn’t parallax. that is simply fixed imaged background images. parallax image scrolls at a different speed(slower) that the rest of the page, it is not fixed like you show here.

  5. Hi I have followed the tutorial. But in the features section i lost lost the animation even though I chose the service layout as in the tutorial. Can any one help?

  6. We are so grateful for your tutorial. You have helped us out tremendously! If you have a donation box or something on your website. We would be happy to do so.

  7. Awesome tutorial and very helpful Darrel. Do you know how to make the header section sticky?

  8. You are a freakin legend. I don’t know how I would have done this without your turorials, 🙂 huge thumbs up

  9. Amazing to make page full length instead of post and search info on the right side. Please reply thanks

  10. Hi Darrel, how are you?
    Is there anyway to change de font type and the shape of the banner buttons?
    Is it possible to change the font type of the “features”, “portfólio” etc, of the main page?

    Thank you so much and congrats for the incredible tutorial! Definitely I’ll use this template for my company website =)

    Best regards,

  11. Hi Darrel,
    I’m here again =)
    I also would like to know how to change the fonte type of the menus =)
    Thank you again.

  12. Is there a way to make the Header transparent so it blends in with the background, instead of having the white box around it?

  13. Great tutorial. Is there a way to have the site created with separate pages, rather than having everything on the one page?

  14. Hi,
    I’ve started to make the site, but I really need to focus on my portfolio. It was good, until I found that i can’t open the images big size. Is there a way to make the section with the comments, where image is, bigger? or Is there a good free theme for portfolio.
    Thank you! 🙂

  15. Hey Darrel. Good job on the tutorial. The slider images and the parallax background images are not responsive on my android nexus 5. Also, the captions are not showing-up on the phone.

  16. Hi Darrel! Great tutorial. One question: There is no editor under the Apperance menu. The last option on the list is Theme options. Can I still customize the theme?

  17. Hi Darrel, could you please tell me what plugin I can use in order to create a logo carousel on this amazing theme ? Do you know also a tutorial about it ? Thanks a lot

  18. Hi, I cant seem to find this theme. I’ve searched accesspress and parallax and it doesn’t seem to be a theme option

  19. Hello Darrel Wilson, great video but can you help me. How do I get a shopping cart symbol next to my menu?

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