How To Design A Beautiful Homepage Using Elementor For WordPress

How To Design A Beautiful Homepage Using Elementor For WordPress

How To Design A Beautiful Homepage Using Elementor For WordPress
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In this video I show you how to build beautiful pages using Elementor page builder.

You will need these resources to follow along with this how to create a website tutorial series.

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19 Replies to “How To Design A Beautiful Homepage Using Elementor For WordPress”

  1. hey adam great video tutorial but i have a problem when i use elementor canvas in GP theme menu/header not shows on top or elswhere how can i show menu does i need some addon pls help thanks u

  2. Hi Adam. Thanks for your videos. Im learning a lot in a short space of time. A question that is probably very obvious. Ive gone through the videos from the beginning and have uploaded all the info for Generatepress and now Elementor. My question is do I need both or is it one or the other? Im building a new website and will be including paid courses in it as well.

  3. Great tutoria,l Adam. I’m in love with Elementor at the moment, so many options in the free version, it’s almost hard to believe.

  4. I haven’t even started my blog yet but I love watching these. Gives me ideas on what I should do for the home page. I can add this to any theme? For the home page

  5. QUESTION — I did not get the pro version, so maybe that’s my problem. But for each of my section items (heading, text, button) I only have a blue button on the right that says edit. I don’t have a delete or duplicate. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it somewhere else? I don’t see how to delete an element at all.

  6. Hi Adam..I have been having so much fun putting my wordpress membership site together with your amazing videos. I have come to the homepage design and as I was watching you put in the price lists I decided to purchase Elementor Pro because it looks incredible for the cost. I know you have a discount for your courses if you host with Inmotion but as I already have a host for my website that I am very happy with I was wondering if you give any discounts on your courses for purchasing Elementor Pro, or if you are an affiliate and I can purchase via you. Thanks ever so much for this course its just great. I really dont mind paying the pittance they ask for for the pro version but I would like to do a couple of your paid courses as your instructions are easy and well paced. Thanks Nell

  7. Thank you Adam, pleased to be in touch with you, but need to know( the start)- how did you get this theme?, or we can apply on any theme?

  8. important question, i would be pleased to get answer, which page builder is the best………..Elementor, beavir builder or weebly?

  9. I’m thinking you could produce some videos pitching people who have greater skills than the basic level – I think there are a lot of people who have gone beyond the basic level but just need some insights into using this builder – you tend to labor the basic points and it slows down the flow of learning I find?

  10. hello sir this awesome but i m not able to see Pro element price table please help me out

  11. I have just created a beautiful site. All credit goes to you. Thankyou. I have a problem ‘How to remove copyright@Generatepress footer’

  12. I need to get a full transcript of this tutorial. Where can I download it?

  13. Adam, where do I access the media you are using? I apologize if I missed it, but I haven’t been able to figure it out.

    Thank you, and I LOVE the course!

  14. Sold. I bought the deluxe edition of Elementor and sent you can email for the course bundle!

  15. Wow, Adam, that was brilliant. All your videos are so interesting and incredibly well presented. Thank you.

  16. Hi Adam. I’m still a WP neophyte, just got Elementor and I have a question for you. There are some things I’d like to use WP for, such as form submissions and online payments, but I also like to code a lot of my own stuff using html, CSS and Bootstrap. Is there a nice way to make the two methods play nice together within the same web page(s)? Thanks.

  17. The resources in this video are not free right? like the pictures use in this? May I just know what is the css code for on-top? Thanks. You are a very great teacher.

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