How To Make A WordPress Website With GoDaddy – 2017

How To Make A WordPress Website With GoDaddy – 2017

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Learn how to create a website with GoDaddy! In this video I show you how to register a domain name then make a website on it using the same software as Fortune 500 companies and celebrities. Don’t worry, no techy experience required, it’s all 100% beginner friendly.

Learn how to save money on the website and how to choose the best domain name. Learn how to make a WordPress website from scratch. Learn and understand countless website terms easily.

See the website we make – Imagine all of your content in there instead and keep in mind you can create any website you want later on.

The Core Steps:

1. Register Domain – 2:14
2. Get Web Hosting – 15:15
2.1 Connect It All – 27:48
3. Install WordPress – 32:50

What is WordPress? WordPress is the #1 CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows you to change how your site looks and organize your content (text, images, videos, etc) without having to look at code. Instead it looks like Microsoft Word but on the internet.

The nuts and bolts of this GoDaddy website tutorial are done at 37:07 because we have a real website up, so we take a break. We then move on to design your website professionally and add your own content. Please see below.

Additional Steps to Design Your Website:

How To Login 38:40
Tour of WordPress Dashboard 40:00
Delete Plugins 42:42
Make Your First Basic Edit 43:56
Change Template/Theme 45:50
Create Pages 48:25
Get Free Images 50:00
Create a Navigation Menu 54:16
Setup Image Galley Slider 56:40
Resize Images 58:00
Edit Sidebar 1:07:44
Add Facebook Like Box 1:10:20
Publish Blog Posts 1:16:01
Put in a Subscribe Form 1:19:10
Create Contact Form 1:32:35
Insert Image in a Page 1:37:39
Edit the Footer/Copyright 1:40:27
DONE! 1:46:47

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Thank You So Much For Watching!! – Greg


39 Replies to “How To Make A WordPress Website With GoDaddy – 2017”

  1. 100s of people come to me each year with a new GoDaddy domain name but aren’t sure the steps necessary to build a website on it. So I made this video to help you! It’s exactly how I make a website with GoDaddy every time …Enjoy!

  2. USE GITHUB PAGES WHICH IS FREE HOSTING!!!! I am so angry I followed this tutorial and paid for 6 months of hosting. It is really expensive. Called up a friend who couldn’t believe I payed for hosting and told me to use github pages. I don’t know if @GregNarayan is aware of this but it is likely he is just trying to make money off people who don’t know anything about web development. I feel pretty stupid for following this.

  3. first, i thanking you.Amazing, i got what I was really needed
    01 If I want to add SSL certificate where should I buy it, either from GoDaddy or HostGator? and how to install SSL Certificate on my website?
    02 i followed up steps you guided on the video but when i comes to change my nameserver,there is a massage i cnat change my nameserver right now.Why it is and how can i change.

  4. Great tutorial, Greg!

    I have a question I haven’t seen here yet. My husband and I had a website that sold a specific book for us. The web host gal we were using had some emergency family issues and had to close her site(s). We were given the individual .htm pages for it from which I’m going to try to build a site under a new domain name. Using your method, can these pages be downloaded into WordPress, or do I copy/paste the coding?

    Also, we will not be using the blog option…can we leave it out? Thank you.

  5. Does Godaddy website builder offer other languages with font styles? (eg, Chinese, Arabic)

  6. Your name is not fair…you make it sound like you are going to use GoDaddy for hosting and that is not true. Try being truthful.

  7. I listened to your video and you are a good trainer. But I could not get catchbase theme on my wordpress website. Do I have to get it from the catchbase website?

  8. HI Greg, The plugin “WP Insert Code” by AntonAKH doesn’t appear to be available now. Which one would you now recommend? Great tutorial by the way!

  9. Hi Greg, I’ve been watching your WordPress with GoDaddy video and I was wondering if the menu’s can be edited to display ‘drop down’ menu’s. Thanks, by the way, what a wonderfully informative video.

  10. I just bought a baby plan, but it doesn’t has a control pannel, where can i find it? is it because i bought a wrong thing?

  11. I tried the link you posted previously to get wp-insert-code. It downloads a 3kb folder with nothing useful inside. Other suggestion?

  12. Hey greg, I’m at minute 38:37. Every time I click the “Admin Login” button I get brought to a screen that says “the domain is no longer parked by go daddy. Why could this be happening? what can I do to change this? do you have any advice. I’ve also gone to the direct wordpress login, and that had also given me troubles. Any help would be great. Thanks a lot!

  13. This video is EVERYTHING that I have been looking for! Thank you so much! Building my website seems doable now!

  14. Hi Greg,

    I am stuck on min 39. Where you click admin login. It won’t take me to the WordPress login. It just takes me to a page that says can’t reach this page. Also, when I go to my webpage it takes me to a go daddy page saying I’ve registered my domain. Any idea what I did wrong?

  15. Hi Greg, thanks for the great video, very helpful! I have one problem. I have set a theme for my page that I can’t seem to delete,,,,,,,,any suggestions

  16. You may need to update your video, It took me a minute to find the manage name server., those of us who have never done this before. The screens have changed on godaddy. But so far so good.

  17. Greg, I’m on day four of setting up our non-profit web site., I have the banner from and its all the way at the bottom of the page or floating around on the phone. My nephew is helping me also now (Day 4). I’ll kick it around myself until he has time to get back with me.
    You didn’t mention that I’ll be getting call’s, emails and text from web designers. I also need to forward the .org to the .com or vice versa.

  18. what is with this message as I am trying to upload host image

    Cheatin’ uh?
    This changeset has already been published and cannot be further modified.

    Customize New Changes

  19. Dear Greg, thank you for this great tutorial, I followed it step by step and everything was ok until the moment I create the WP page and I need to log in. In this critical step the log in page does not open and I receive a message that there is an error generated by security_mod. I contacted hostgator team they told me to clear the cache but nothing happened !!
    Any idea please?

  20. i keep trying to put in the “read more” insert in and it won’t let me. i have tried multiple time and following step by step with this video just after the 1 hour mark. still nothing. also, now that I’ve made some changes, when i go to my website and click “home, it redirects me to a log in page that doesn’t have fields to put anything into. any thoughts?

  21. BEFORE you do any kind of transaction with GoDaddy you need to look at their reviews here –
    If you put the domain name you want into their search bar they are likely to just register it themselves and then tell you that it has been “Parked” but you can buy it from them for an inflated price. If you pay up you may still not get the domain.
    Its just a terrible company. Don’t even go there.

  22. Dear Greg, one more question,
    is there a way to remove the “overlapping text” completely from the featured slider image?

  23. Hey thanks man! You really helped my lousy looking site haha! I know these are just the basics and I’m really interested in learning more! Thanks a lot Greg.

  24. Hi, I am trying to connect host gator to go daddy but on go daddy I can’t seem to get to the proper page that you are on in this video to connect them. I also have an email that says congratulations but it does have the activate option is just has an option to click that says manage my domain. So the page you pull up with all your domains where you click on the blue link doesn’t happen for me. Is there another way to pull it up?

  25. I can’t find the WP insert code in the plugin step…Please help!!! Thank you soooo much it has been a breeze so far setting up my website with your help!!!

  26. Many work to creat this, need be all automatic with some clicks and moves, hope the future.

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