Creating Menus – WordPress Tutorial Video

Creating Menus – WordPress Tutorial Video

In this WordPress tutorial video we’ll cover creating and managing Menus in WP version 3. Free WordPress training by Site Sparker. For support – try the forums at so you to get help directly from plugin developers and the WordPress community.


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  1. @MaeSagittarius cool! you should subscribe as I’m adding more videos every day and the website is pretty close to being done — has even more tutorials that aren’t covered in video

  2. This was an extremely informative video. You are a gifted teacher Mr.…very clear, concise and to the point. Bravo!!!

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  4. Thank you, this was extremely helpful! Your explanations were very clear and concise.

  5. Creating menus is one of the slightly difficult task when it comes to using wordpress. No wonder why many beginners are looking for a tutorial like this. Anyway, I guess we have a slight difference when creating meuns on wordpress. However, I won;t bother disclosing the information as to how I create mine any longer as I think it is not needed anymore since your video tutorial is already awesome.

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