Tutorial: Better Grids With Final Tiles Grid Gallery For WordPress

Tutorial: Better Grids With Final Tiles Grid Gallery For WordPress

In this video I’ll show you how to improve your galleries made with my plugin Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress.

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  1. Hello, I’m really liking this plugin and I want to buy the full version ( more image uploads) but my images are loading super slow in lightbox !!! Is there a way to fix this ? I don’t have long loading times with other lightbox plugins.

  2. So I’m having this problem where my gallery only displays my images in a single column, and there’s no option visible to change this. It mentioned column options in the dropdown menu that jumps you to specific options but they’re all missing. Is this because I have the free version?

  3. I really want to love your plugins because the setup is way more intuitive than other galleries’ out there. Unfortunately neither Final Tiles nor Modula has worked for me, even when I follow these video guides step by step 🙁 With both plugins I setup the gallery specs, add my images, copy the shortcode and paste it into a new post, but then only the Title of the post will show up and the gallery itself never does. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m using WordPress version 4.7.2 so that should be more than sufficient to run both plugins. Also my WordPress theme is Creative Portfolio Theme, developed by Dessign(dot)net https://dessign.net/creative-portfolio-theme-responsive-free/

  4. Hello, is the page supposed to have certain overall width of the site (if fixed)? Than you.

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