Shortcodes Ultimate Tutorial – WordPress Plugin

Shortcodes Ultimate Tutorial – WordPress Plugin

Tutorial showing you how to use the wonderful WordPress Plugin Shortcodes Ultimate.

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24 Replies to “Shortcodes Ultimate Tutorial – WordPress Plugin”

  1. This was so helpful!  Would you know if there’s any way to format the content within spoilers and tabs?

  2. If I wanted to use shortcodes without the plugin, how would I do that? Where would I put the shortcodes

  3. This was so helpful! I have the plugin and could NOT figure out how to integrate it. Thanks for making this seem very simple and accessible. 🙂

  4. How do I add an overlay short code over an image… Making buttons or Price tag over image

  5. thanks for your effort in producing this video!! Ive scribed to your page.

    Question, I’m trying to use the “spoiler” code on my wp site. I go through the process, and the “+” appears on my page. However, when I click it, it does not Unfold and reveal the hidden content.

    any ideas as to why this is happening?

  6. I really love your voice, like, WOW. Not only is it very clear, but your tone & accent make it a very pleasurable experience. Subscribed.

    Thanks, for this.

  7. Embedded Youtube/Vimeo:
    At 2m36s Kelly says that she prefers to use the embed code that youtube/vimeo supply.
    However within a responsive wordpress site you can end up with black bars at the sides (or top and bottom). If you use the ultimate Shortcode it will make the embedded video work responsively.

  8. Very helpful! I wonder why you skip the anchor option? Can this feature be used with a banner? I mean, I try to link a banner with an anchor that take me to the spolier content

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  10. Shortcodes Ultimate does not work. (I have been using it for 5 moths now). In some pages it work, some pages it does not.

  11. Great tutorial, Thank you for your time. I love your teaching style. Plan but not to simple. I subscribed to your channel. Great job.

  12. Hello and thank you for this video.It was very helpful. Could you make a video showing how to create a footer for WP?

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