Youtube Gallery Plugin For WordPress – Video Tutorial

Youtube Gallery Plugin For WordPress – Video Tutorial

For an extensive full link tutorial on how to create a custom website with WordPress using the same theme as the one I used for this tutorial, check out:

In this tutorial video, I demonstrate how to use a Free WordPress plugin called TubePress to create a clean looking YouTube gallery for your website. The gallery will display thumbnail images of the YouTube videos that will open up in a YouTube player when clicked.

You have complete control over which videos you want to display in your gallery. I will demonstrate how to:
-Display videos from your playlist or from any playlist on YouTube
-Display videos from a particular YouTube channel

This is a great plugin for people who have a YouTube channel or who want to display a lot of YouTube videos on their website. This is a great addition to a website and will definitely give you a professional look.

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You can also have as many unique video galleries as you want. If for example you wanted to have a gallery on page 1 with a playlist with the ID of PL976B63B19B10843A and on page 2 you wanted a Gallery consisting of videos from a playlist with the ID of 6FB4C94909198AB7, your shortcode for page 1 would look like:

and your shortcode for the gallery for page 2 would be:

For more examples, visit:


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  1. oh boy! EXCELLENT!

    I have been searching for this and have tried pretty many similar plugins but they were all OK kind of thing. This is WORKS and is very very cool.

    IT WORKS! 

  2. fuck your channel it did even almost work bye the why im lamar from gta niggaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Recently tubepress plugin stopped working. Even if you configure with your API it will display only 3 videos from the list or channel. Correct me if I understood this plugin wrong.

  4. I just tried this. when I previewed my page it says “YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 – No longer available” what am I doing wrong?

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