WordPress Tutorial – Theme Test Drive Plugin

WordPress Tutorial – Theme Test Drive Plugin

How can you setup a new WordPress theme without people thinking your entire site is broken? This plugin allows you to test out a new WordPress theme behind the scenes before your visitors see it.


8 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial – Theme Test Drive Plugin”

  1. Great Video! Thanks for sharing!
    What do you do to create your video introduction?

  2. Thanks for the info! Can you update posts with the new theme options using this plugin?

  3. Hi. Can you tell me where I should upload a new theme I bought off theme forest. There is a box that tells me to paste a link. But I have a zip file on my system. Please let me know what should be done.

  4. Hi. Can you tell me how to use the theme test drive so that when i enable it my old content does not show in the plugin? (i want to design the new theme from scratch) thanks

  5. this ruined my wordpress site . now i cant change any element in my original theme , i dont know what to do

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