How To Add A Contact Form To WordPress – Tutorial 2017

How To Add A Contact Form To WordPress – Tutorial 2017

Adding a Contact Form to WordPress couldn’t be easier! And this WordPress Tutorial I’ll show you how with the legendary Plugin Contact Form 7.

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11 Replies to “How To Add A Contact Form To WordPress – Tutorial 2017”

  1. Something is broken says: “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”

  2. I can not find anywhere how to export the data into excel. The contact from 7 DB plugins are where. Which one is the best to use.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. This is useful. I installed the plugin and created a form. The Tel field which is meant to accept phone numbers renders very differently than other fields like Name and Email. Would be great if you could shed some light on it. TIA!

  4. Great clear video ! The problem I have is nobody can contact me using the contact 7 form- message is sent but I don’t receive readers messages! I’m so confused ? Does bluehost or siteground receive these messages

  5. am enjoying your various tutorials. I am stuck with a basic issue on Contact Form 7. On the “Mail” section, I have added the email which receives enquiries. It works. But, the sender’s email address is not added. In its place is the email address I have added in the “From” section below, which asks me to add an email with the same domain as my own (this doesnt seem to make sense), so the emails I receive look like they have come from my own domain/email. What should I type into the “From” box to ensure I see the senders email ie. the one they have typed into the Contact form? Thanks. Chris

  6. Hi Jackson, absolutely great tutorial: very professionally delivered, and thanks a stack. However, there seems to be something else which is blocking me and, not being all that tech-savvy myself I do not know what it is. Even by following every very-clearly-given instruction of yours, my form still does not deliver to the address I need. Are you able to help please? Errol.

  7. Listen……….PLease
    I have added mobile no. Field in contact form 7. when some one fill the form then all the info i recieved via e mail but………………..
    I didn’t recieve Mobile number………….Why ?

    please help…………

  8. Hi Jakson.

    Nice concise tutorial mate and one of the very few youtubers I’ve bothered subscribing to.

    I have installed WordPress to a “local server” and building a Sydney theme site as a complete newbie.

    Quick question re contact form 7.

    In trying to send a test email, a red box appears stating that “there was an error in sending the message and to try again later”
    Contact page looks fine and clicking on the mail tab, I see that both the “to” and “from” fields contain the same email address – So, is my problem that I’m using a local server or that both “to” and “from” fields contain the same email address?



  9. Hi Jakson. Do you have a tutorial to follow on from this in the way of an Autoresponder?

  10. hi jakson! I tried this however, it seems like there is no submit button on the very bottom. Can you help me with this? Thanks a bunch! 🙂

    im using localhost by the way…

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