How To Use The Monarch Plugin For WordPress | Monarch Plugin Tutorial 2017

How To Use The Monarch Plugin For WordPress | Monarch Plugin Tutorial 2017

In this wordpress tutorial, I will show you how to use the monarch social sharing plugin created by elegant themes! Its one of the best social sharing and social following plugins that i have used in my time with wordpress. The monarch plugin allows your visitors to share your website along with any of the blog posts you make with ease and style!

I mentioned some links in my tutorial so i will put them below:

To purchase Monrach and Divi with 10% OFF, visit here:

For the Gradient Effect on the divi theme, you can view my tutorial here:

For The Extra Theme Tutorial, Visit Here!:

For The Divi Theme Tutorial Visit Here!:

To learn how to use the bloom plugin, visit my video!

thanks for watching! for more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at


18 Replies to “How To Use The Monarch Plugin For WordPress | Monarch Plugin Tutorial 2017”

  1. Hi Darrel!
    Thank you for all the nice videos.
    Can you tell us how we can make a dynamic headline like the one you have under your static headline’Howdy, my name is Darrel”?
    Thank you

  2. hey Darrel, what do you think about security of wordpress sites as compared to shopify..?i read frequently about wordpress websites getting hacked..i am thinking of building an ecomm store but dont wanna opt for shopify you think it is safe enough for an ecomm site?thanx

  3. Agreed it’s one of the better social sharing plugin but also agree the automated API count is a real pain. It always breaks and needs resaving in Facebook. I’m tempted to just update the follower count manually!

  4. In answer to your question about why extra theme isn’t used more it’s because it’s visually stunning but hopeless in its execution. The way it’s coded means it pulls huge featured images to home page even if displayed at small pixel size on screen. Their own demo for extra is 5mb which is ridiculous for anyone who takes page loading speeds seriously in terms of Google rankings. Another fail with extra is that those stunning looking review widgets don’t support rich snippets so no stars in serps. What were Elegant Themes thinking! Who would create a review website without the option to have rich snippets?

  5. Nice video. Thanks

    I do have a question, I also use Monarch, but I encountered a problem.

    Using Monarch Sharing option on more than 2 locations kinda overloads my webhosting server limitation which is set to 512MB Ram and 25 Processes.

    Just wanna make sure if my hosting allocations are too low or was the plugin taking too much resources ?

  6. I have only recently used Monarch despite having Elegant for ages. I normally use Social Warfare, but Monarch is right up there with the best!

  7. Great video thxs for sharing… Great plugin. easy to use.
    I would love to have in social follow the floating sidebar bar there is in social sharing…

  8. Hi , when i paste the shortcode in text section , it stays on the left and i can’t do anything about that . I set it on “center” but still stays in the left . Any suggestion ? I am using divi theme

  9. But here I am missing an option of LIKE THE POST. For example a reader doesnt want to follow you, but he likes an article and want to express his/hers opinion. What’s then? 🙂

  10. Hi great tutorial….., just a question, is there a way to activate the shortcode for all posts, and not one by one?

  11. When I add the widget, the following icons come out really skinny instead of like a box. Do you know how I coud fix this?

  12. Thanks for your information. We have a problem. We have the settings to count our shares and started by zero. But when we share the blog, it stays on zero. It does not count 1 or 2. What is going wrong?

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