Divi Theme 3.0 Tutorial – How To Create A WordPress Website Using Divi 3.0

Divi Theme 3.0 Tutorial – How To Create A WordPress Website Using Divi 3.0

Learn how to create a WordPress website with this Divi Theme 3.0 Tutorial – How to create a wordpress website using Divi 3.0 from Elegant Themes. In this divi 3.0 theme tutorial I will go step by step through the process of how to make a website using the divi builder. It’s very easy to create a website using WordPress, but this theme makes it even easier with it’s built in drag and drop builder. By the end of this tutorial you should feel confident in your abilities, and be able to make a website that you can feel proud of for a fraction of the cost of paying a developer. Below are some helpful links that I mention throughout this website tutorial.

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31 Replies to “Divi Theme 3.0 Tutorial – How To Create A WordPress Website Using Divi 3.0”

  1. Seriously, dude. You’re facking awesome, THANK you Really really much for ur free sharing.

  2. Hey Tom , your video is incredible…so inspirational. I am hopefully making my own word press website and I’ll be following your video for sure! Nice work man.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for creating this. You have no idea how easy you have made my life and countless others. Great work and thank you so much for your help!

  4. Hi Tom , I am trying to build up my website. I am facing problem in the setting section. When I tried to remove all default settings and incorporate new settings , new settings are not appearing in the website. Can you help me out in removing this ?

  5. Wow!! So much helpful Divi tutorial!! Can’t wait to create my own!!

  6. Thank you for your in depth vidio. The only thing that was hard for me was following your mouse pointer. I have vision problems and a larger pointer would have made it easier to see where you were clicking. good tutorial! thanks for the coupon.

  7. Great tutorial Tom, I really enjoyed it! I want to ask you, which is your best premium WP theme and what do you think about ENFOLD theme? Thanks!

  8. Hi Tomr, that an absolutely great video. Thank you so much for sharing all your skills and expertise. I’m a photographer and I’m going to redesign my website to very soon and I’m going to use the skills you’ve demonstrated in the video, so a big thank you :-).

  9. Thanks from Australia, Tom. I followed your tutorial and somehow have my own website now. Who’d have thought I could do that.

  10. Thanks you so much Tom! This one is the most complete wordpress Divi tutorial ever.

  11. Very understandable, step by step instructions. Thank you Tom. I am looking forward to more videos from you.

  12. hey tom, thank you so much. learning Create a wordpress was never so easy for me before. but u make it !!

  13. it was wonderful watching you video. it gave a great insight.
    great ideas to making a website. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Excellent and inspiring. Thank you for sharing Tom and for doing good in the world.

  15. That is a lot of information. I will have to watch it again and practice I will get it. Great way to learn by seeing. Thank you Tyler.

  16. Extraordinary video, in depth detail of how to start and how to improve. I look forward to starting creating my own web. Thank you so very much for your utterly explanation. Well done Tom!!!
    May I ask what browser you’re using?

  17. Thank you Tyler for helping me make my first website. This tutorial is pretty inspirational!

  18. Toms the best , I think i will need to watch about four times, thanks Tom Robert Uk London.

  19. Hey Tom love your WP tutorials, please keep them coming. As a side note i strongly recomend picmonkey to resize, crope and edit image wright and TinyPNG to compress images to make them lighter, i´ve been using these 2 free tools and it have helped me a tone with my website loading speed without sacrifying the image quality at all, cheers.

  20. Im looking to switch from the7 theme to divi, you are really good at explaining and have a kind of tone in your voice that dont get boring. I now realise that it sounds totally gay 😉

    Thanks for the vids Tom!

  21. ان الجهد المبذول من قبلك يدل على اهتمامك والنتيجة ان هذا الجهد انعكس وبشكل رائع على كمية المعلومات التي استفدتها من شرحك. اشكر لك هذا الاخلاص بالعمل الذي يدل على عطاء لرجل ذو خلاق كريمة

  22. Hi Tom… thanks for the video. No doubt I’ll find it useful as I get my head around Divi etc.. a quick question. When installing WordPress onto the domain, it says to select https if you have SSL… what if you don’t have, you install on http and then add SSL to your site later…. will this mess with anything?

  23. Nice overview. How do you align the logo to the left and keep the nav buttons below it? thanks

  24. This is a good tutorial on the Divi theme and builder, but having the images available would have made it a top 3 tutorial on Youtube.

  25. My dashboard looks different and I can’t see where to open Logo Maker – any suggestions?

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