How To Make (and Use) A WordPress Child Theme – Tutorial

How To Make (and Use) A WordPress Child Theme – Tutorial

How child themes work, how to make them, and how to use them. Learn the right way to customize your WordPress site so your changes don’t get overwritten when you update your parent theme.

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13 Replies to “How To Make (and Use) A WordPress Child Theme – Tutorial”

  1. So you use a child theme to hold your style sheet.? Any changes you make your wordpress sites CSS should be done via the child themes CSS? That still doesn’t make sense to me regarding other changes that WILL be written over when you update. Like your logo or sidebar content… Unless I’m way off.

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  4. It would have been great if you had shown how to save a document with the .css extension. I couldn’t see how to do that on my Mac so I googled it.

  5. Awesome man, very clear. You should also make a video about editing templates with a child theme, this is where I am stuck.

  6. Hello there…thanks for this tutorial. How come whenever I tried creating a child theme using the above lines in the style.css I end up with a blank, very basic html version of the parent theme…? What am i doing wrong…? I don’t get how you ended up with an exact replica of the parent theme…?  Thanks for any help… 

  7. Nice videos. Hostgator seems to be pretty crap these days. I registered two domains there, and have had problems with getting them to to the basic task of registering the DNS of the domains. Se that lots are complaining about them since Hostgator changed owners. Find other web hosting providers 😉

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