WooCommerce Bookings Tutorial: Create A Booking Website With WordPress 2017

WooCommerce Bookings Tutorial: Create A Booking Website With WordPress 2017

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Full Tutorial On The WooCommerce Bookings Plugin/Extension. Learn how to create a booking wordpress website with this tutorial. I cover most of the options with this woocommerce extensions.

First, we talk about how to create a booking wordpress website with the woocommerce bookings plugin. I go step by step to make sure you fully understand it. I

This is a wordpress plugins and you must have woocommerce already installed for this plugin to work. First make sure to download the wooocommerce plugin, its a free plugin. Than purchase the plugin from woomill.com

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WooCommerce Bookings And Appointment plugin, WooCommerce Appointment Plugin


35 Replies to “WooCommerce Bookings Tutorial: Create A Booking Website With WordPress 2017”

  1. Hey, great tutorial! Is it possible to allow booking several classes, for example, if someone purchases a 5 classes pack?

  2. Hey, thanks for the tutorial!
    I have a couple questions before I purchase the plugin and I apologize if I missed something in the vid:
    1) I have a boat and want to offer hourly and overnight charters. Is there a way to have hourly AND nightly rentals on the same booking? If not and I have to create two different bookings, is there a way of getting the available/booked dates on the same calendar?
    2) Does this work with page builder plugins? (I’m using Tesseract theme with Beaver Builder plugin.)

  3. Thanks Darrel! Just wondering if it is possible to have a day on the calendar already selected – for a dinner event for instance.

  4. Thanks Darrel, very informative.
    Just wondering if it’s possible to combine WC Vendor + Bookings to create a AirBnB site.

  5. Can the customer see what’s available? If they can see, can you show a video on a real world action?

  6. Hi Darrel, Thanks for the video, what if i want to make the Yoga classes can be found in different locations, and each location has its own Schedule ? is it applicable ?
    also is there a front end so the fitness location can edit the classes?

  7. Hi Darrel, thanks for the nice tutorial, much more clear about everything. Except – why should I use Pinpoint Posts, Categories, Tags for? Can you tell me an example?

  8. I bought the plugin as suggested and now I am learning after your tutorial. I am not that far yet, but can I add different venues too? I am working in 3 different towns.

  9. I have a few questions though, how do I show the calendar of this? Am I adding the wrong widget, what is the widget called for it to appear as a calendar on the page.

    Another question, if I create 2 different resources. For example, in regards to the different types of Yoga classes, leg and arms, how can I change the multipliers? For example, Private class costs $60 perclass , but I can only teach up to 5 people. When exceeding 5 people it then costs $40 per person

    This was extremely helpful. Thank you for making this.

  10. I need to make invoices for gear rental. My viewers should select dates to rent out products with add on and send the invoice to my client and customer.

  11. Hey Darrel, great tutorial! Looking to build a WordPress site for a small car rental business. Not sure if this is the right plugin? 1 days hire is more than say 3 consecutive days? Help…..

  12. Darrel, if I want to create a booking site for babysitters, and let each babysitter manage their booking time, and rates, what plugin will you use?

  13. Hi Darrel. Thanks for the tutorial. Is it possible to have the rooms as the “master option”, instead of having the “persons” as the “master option”. I’m struggling to understand the Persons option, especially the Max persons option. Is the number to be put here the maximum of persons for the whole guesthouse, or the maximum persons for the biggest room in the whole guesthouse, since this option is not room specific? Let’s say I have 2 rooms in the whole guesthouse, just to make things simple: 1 small room and 1 big room.

    What I want to do is to have a:
    Small room: ONLY 2 adults, no children. the option to select children must be greyed out (not available). But I notice that it is available on the front end. That’s what I meant by having the room to be the “master” option. This would be easier to choose small room first, then from there the system will know from that room only adults can be chosen and no children.
    Big room: Max 2 adults and maximum 2 children.

    I hope I’m making sense and that you have a suggestion for me on how I can work around this.


  14. Hi Darrel Wilson, Thank you for uploading this nice tutorial. I have done all as per instruction. But, on check out page its only show a flat price. Like say min person is 2 and per person 50$ as block price. I book 3 so the price must be 150$ rite, but its only shows up 100$. any help. By the way the email conformation for customer for Direct banking and other offline payments are not working.

  15. is this booking plugin can be used for a Venue booking or something like Marriage Hall Booking ?

  16. Hi @Darrel Wilson Nice tutorial, But i have a question i followed all of your instruction but somehow the time range didnt appear on my bookable product page when i clicked on a specific date It says “Time: No blocks available.”. Please help

  17. Hey Darrel, i have downloaded the woocommerce plugin as well as the woomill plugin.
    However, the “bookings” tab does not seem to appear on my dashboard.
    Could you please advise?

  18. Hi Darrel, i have on doubt on the Yoga class example! when i choose to overrite and input from 6am to 3pm, why i doesnt show from 9am to 12pm??? i understand im overriting the previous instrucction, but im just expanding the time frame from 9am up to 6 and the final hour from 1 to 3pm, i should be able to have all hours!!!

    see my doubt??? thanks for the video, it gives me a lot of ideas for what i am planning to do!

  19. Hi Darrel, what if when we’d like to create a marketplace travel, sort of airbnb things? Thanks

  20. l will give a try! Thank you. Also a live demo would help.

  21. Hi Darrel! I have a issue with a boat rental company. They have two boats and you can rent it for half a day and a full day. When two full days are booked, I can still rent half a day on the same day. How can I make the boats unavaileble, I can’t do the math. Thanks!

  22. Great Tutorial dude. Would you make a tutorial for a railway reservation system searching of trains and booking. Thank you

  23. Hi, I’m trying to programn a bookable product, with 4 options of time intervals: 4 hours at morning (10:00 to 14:00), 4 hours at evening (16:00 to 20:00), 10hours or 1day (10:00 to 20:00) and the entire week. Is that thing possible? THX!

  24. is this for 10 dollars/monthly or just 10 dollars plugin 1 time payment?

  25. Hi Darrel, Great Video!. Hey, How can setup a rental bike Full Day $60 and for Half Day $30 (withing two blocks of 4hrs. each. 10:00am to 2:00pm and 2:00pm to 6pm. for the half day) is this possible on woocommerce booking?
    Thank you!.
    Keep the great videos out there!.

  26. Hi Darrel. First, I love your videos, they are super helpful. Here’s my booking issue. I have a distribution company that requires a 3-hour delivery window for timed deliveries. Now I’d like like the client to pick the start and/ or finish time of that window (eg. delivery no later than 5:46pm). Is this possible? Time slots do not work as the product being delivered is perishable and fixed time options are often too early or too late. Let me know. Rob from http://www.ice-asap.com.

  27. Hello Darrel, this is honestly the clearest and most useful WooCommerce booking tutorial! I would ask, if no trouble if it is possible for you to get into more details with this plugin like including more information through a form, (name, Id number, nationality..etc) using add-ons like Gravity forms. which to be honest i am asking because i am stuck in this one lol. but i believe that it would help a a lot of people as well.

    Thank you!

  28. show+ transfer adult 650 child 550
    show+dinne adult 850 child 750
    show+dinne+transfer adult 1150 child 850


    If i have a list like above for select as the same for adult and child to select how to this….Thank you

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