How To Make An ECommerce Website – Storefront WordPress Theme

How To Make An ECommerce Website – Storefront WordPress Theme

Learn how to make an eCommerce Website using WordPress, from scratch, step-by-step! Check out the demo site, you will be amazed how awesome your online store will look. Web agencies charge upwards of k to make an eCommerce store, but you can do it yourself by following my video.

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Finished Demo: (Check it out on your mobile too!)

Table of Contents:


0:00:47 – Intro and tutorial Overview!
0:04:44 – Get your Domain and Web Hosting essentials –
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0:10:44 – Get WordPress installed on your site

0:16:30 – Get Storefront and install it on your site:
0:20:17 – Install WooCommerce (the eCommerce website platform)
0:23:11 – Update some basic website and WooCommerce settings
0:28:54 – Add shopping cart into your sidebar


0:30:55 – Add ‘Simple’ Products. Those without variations
0:37:07 – Add ‘Variable’ Products. eg: Options for different Colours
0:44:03 – Example: Variable products with two variations, Color & Size


0:50:39 – Configure payments to be received!


1:28:26 – Manage items to appear on your HomePage
1:35:29 – Add an awesome Image Slider. Looks professional!
1:41:31 – Customize ‘Header’ color, menu text color, link colour.


0:59:54 – Making pages full width / managing your sidebar content
1:05:22 – Dropdown menu – custimize it however you like
1:12:23 – Contact page setup, and adding location (Google Map)
1:18:46 – Image Gallery with a popout lightbox feature. Really cool
1:22:38 – Social Media sharing for your products. Great way to get people talking about your stuff
1:25:03 – Add a Logo
First we recommend you get one custom made for a few dollars:
1:44:25 – Tax Options
1:58:39 – Shipping Methods


1:51:01 – Upsell and Cross-sell to make more money!
2:03:22 – Create discount coupons for marketing campagins!
2:10:18 – Create a Free Shipping Coupon to entice your customers!
2:14:49 – Final Words

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Congrats you made it! A ,000+ eCommerce website for next to nothing.
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  1. Excellent! EXTREMELY helpful, Thank You is an understatement, You cannot put a price on this type of info, you’re a genius!

  2. Great video. I’m trying to work out how to use the ‘header background image’. The customize section says “your theme recommends a header size of 1950 × 500 pixels.” However, when I use a picture with these dimensions it crops it quite considerably. Is this a typo? What are your recommendations? Thank you.

  3. sir i hv one doubt? i upload woocommerece theme zip format from pc to wordpress theme option…but it shows internal error …y ? can u clear my doubt

  4. very helpful, thanks for making this video… but I got problem when I add the slider code … I lost all the website for the second time…. could you advice me for a solution.

  5. It is BEST WordPress tutorial ever. Thank you so much. You are big helper for us. i have a question if you dont mind. When I installed Homepage control plugin and change the settings, I realized that my storefront homepage writings are different than yours. For example, instead of saying Product categories, it says Shop by Category. New in for Recent products, We recommend for Recent products, Fan favorites for Top rated products. just the On Sale is same. Why is like that? or can we edit the homepage writing? Can you please help me to solve the problem?

  6. tried to modify meta slider in my Theme PhP file by inserting a code and mess up bad, ii got a critical error and my website went black. what i did wrong ? I did open up editor

    I erase all changes but still only this I get on my site : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘slider’ (T_STRING) in /home3/lazar/public_html/wp-content/themes/storefront/functions.php on line 61

  7. This is fantastic information. I am building an e-commerce site at the moment based on this video following it step by step. On our site we will be using a drop shipper to manufacture and mail our products. Is there anything specifically I need to know to integrate this into a storefront/woocommerce site.

  8. Amazing tutorials … 🙂 The best thanks a lot for this great tutorial video.

  9. Great video! Had my site up and running in a day! Just 1 question, how do i add my FB page and other social media pages with icons like i saw in your video. it looked great?

  10. Thanks a lot for the tutorial, that’s really informative.
    I wonder is there a way to add a call to action button on the slider?

  11. That is the best video i found . Learn Lot of things . I like to say Thank you very much .. 🙂 . APPRECIATE..

  12. This is very helpful tutorial very easy and anybody can understand. Big thump bro. Thank you so much.

  13. wonderful tutorial! great job thanks for sharing, what if i want to sell “music tracks” which means digital downloads and change the payment gateway to 2checkout, please give me some quick tips on how to do that, cheers

  14. I sell football kits and my customers can personalize the kit with name and number, how can I add a space on the product where they can write the name and number they want?

  15. Why do my product pop-up covers the whole screen with black background with product image in center? Can you please hep me?

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