How To Create A Blog – Easy To Follow Tutorial!

How To Create A Blog – Easy To Follow Tutorial!

How to Create a Blog – Start a Blog in 3 easy steps!
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Video Overview

Thank you for watching my video tutorial on starting a blog!
This fully interactive video tutorial will guide you trough all the necessary steps
in setting up your own blog with the industry standard blogging software – WordPress. I will break down the entire process into small and easy to follow steps so that basically everyone is able to create a blog on his/her own that is also fully customized to your liking.

This whole process of starting a blog consists of three key elements:
1. Hosting
2. Domain
3. Blog

1. Hosting

if you want to make a blog that is accessible over the internet you need a hosting account where your website is stored and available for download to users. So at first we sign up at a web hosting provider, i recommend ipage ( this purpose as they are established, affordable, reliable and this provider also integrates easily with WordPress which will make this whole making a blog process much easier than with other hosting providers. Also this tutorial relies on the usage of ipage, as the exact process is different with other hosting providers.
ipage usually offers their web hosting package at 3.50$ per month but I will show a sneaky little trick to get their full service for only 1.99$/month.

2. Domain

The domain name is the unique identification for a website, every website needs one and they are available with many different extensions like .com, .net, .org and a lot more. In this Tutorial we will register the domain together with our hosting account with ipage as they offer a free domain name registration with their hosting packages.

3. Blog

Thanks to the instant account activation of ipage we can start directly with creating the blog. At first we use their user panel to install WordPress with the famous 1-Click Installation on our webhost. Then we can design and customize our new blog with the WordPress Admin Panel, which allows easy customization without coding/programming language.
I will introduce you to all the fundamental WordPress features and functions, such as posting content, changing the design, adding images, uploading your own logo, creating contact and policy pages, an overview of all the settings and of course adding more functionality by installing plugins.

Basically everything to make your new Blog a Success!


With over 18 Million downloads worldwide WordPress has established itself as the industry standard in blogging and content management. It’s very easy to use and install, yet features a very robust and highly efficient framework that is also very easy to customize. WordPress also can be extended by installing plugins and themes, of which there are thousands available for free.

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How to Create a Blog


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  1. I thought your tutorial was very informative and helpful.  I followed it and now I have my own blog, thank you.

  2. looks easy enough.  thanks for the concise, professional explanation.

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