How To Make A WordPress Website | 2016

How To Make A WordPress Website | 2016

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Learn how to create a beautiful and professional WordPress website with the Avada Theme, a great website builder. When you follow this tutorial you will have your website online within 30 minutes and your complete WordPress website within 3 hours from this moment on!

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16 Replies to “How To Make A WordPress Website | 2016”

  1. What if I do not need to register a new domain ’cause I already Own one?, Does it change or affect in someway the web page development process?. Thanks! (I haven’t seen the whole video bye the way, I’m just asking in advanced in case the tutorial does not explain that (y))

  2. I really love your videos thanks a lot ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ keep do it such a great job.

  3. there is a new avada update. can you do a new different skin tutorial. maybe all in 1 page or how to do a fullwide video site. thanks.

  4. Thank you for this! One questions: My wordpress background doesn’t have the “edit page” function (top menu – next to Avada) Is this something that I can turn on?

  5. dear many thanks . great work. but when i change tha pages names and make refresh i cannot see the new names. what is going on. many thanks.

  6. dear. nany thanks. it is fine now. but please one another and last question. i switched between two differnt demos. but the new one including also those of the first demo and can not delete them. morever-the main photo on the first page does not uploaded at all.?! i swear this is my last question. and again many thank for the trutorial and the help.

  7. Hi you should add the timing markers in the description about the different sections of the video !

  8. hi wpking can we bring down the text in slider at main page i mean the location of text on the slider

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  10. Hi Ferdy, First I want to say Thank You for doing what you do. You are wonderful. I mean that. Easy to follow. I have been working with a guy in Seattle, Washington (I am in San Diego, California) and he basically set me up with Avada and the tools, now I am on my own. Have done Godaddy website but now learning wordpress, I started building our website… but now that I have sort of messed up building it, before I found your easy to follow videos, should I start over. I did not know to save a copy of the back up like you instructed. Perhaps it would be easier for me to start over. Please let me know what you think. Thank you a million times over, Sissi B

  11. WordPress doesn’t have Avada theme any longer. Can you recommend another similar theme?

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