Make A WordPress Theme With Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial #2

Make A WordPress Theme With Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial #2

In this tutorial, the bulk of the design elements will be added into the theme. This includes the header and footer areas, as well as some other back end additions.

Download HTML:



24 Replies to “Make A WordPress Theme With Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial #2”

  1. This solves CSS link problem:
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/bootstrap.min.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

  2. Hello thanks for the tutorial is has help a lot. I notice that get template directory function does not work on the new WP. I had to use <script src = "/js/bootstrap.min.js”>  and it worked fine

  3. i used this instead to import bootstrap into the footer.php from my webhosting server, else i got a wierd local server map instead of a URI with http://…. 
    <script src = "/js/bootstrap.min.js”>

  4. Hi there!
    I am trying to create my thirst Bootstrap WordPress Theme while watching your videos. So far everything was ok. Though I have faced up one problem – after writing <script src= "/js/bootstrap.js”> in a footer file, bootstrap.js file is still not connected propertly. Therefore, nav bar buttons don’t work. what should I do?

  5. as +andrewmcbride88 stated, the “line thing” is called a pipe.  It is common to use double pipes as a OR i.e. I would like to eat an apple || orange.

  6. Why you cant just teach us how to create good website, by explaining all the things, than just copy pasting codes..

  7. I know it has been a few years now but I need help. Why won’t my jquery and bootstrap files register? I have added them just as you have but my drop-down menu’s are not working. I am developing my own machine using WAMP.

  8. I have two problems. My footer appears right under the navbar. And what if my html uses more than one css files? Hoe can i use them? And my scripts nor working even with the php tag

  9. Hi:  I just finished your second video.  Everything seems to look fine but the drop-down menu is not working.  It just highlights when you put your cursor over the links but no drop-down?  I checked over the code but I can see where the problem is?

  10. In the footer <script src = "/js/bootstrap.js”> Didn’t work for me but <script src = "/js/bootstrap.min.js”> Works great!! Thanks for help!

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