How To Make A WordPress Blog

How To Make A WordPress Blog

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How to finally make a WordPress blog! Video covers many blogging questions upfront then moves into how to create a beautiful blog for 2016 using If you like free WordPress help: HELP ME GET THIS VIDEO TO 400 LIKES! ??

Full beginner friendly WordPress tutorial. Build your blog (weblog for my older viewers) today. Learn how to create a blog site and start a blog with posts, nice images, Google Adsense and more in 2016.

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After you learn to blog and are a master of blogging, check out these other free tutorials to help you make your blog even better.

Child themes video for 2016
Create your own custom email address
Learn how to add Google fonts

p.s. I have so much more info to make WordPress both fun and easy after you make a blog, I sincerely hope you check it out. Let me know if you have any issues at all


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  1. I want to be like you when I grow up:) Blogging for a living woo-hoo! I am learning a lot so far, taking a break to leave this comment.

  2. THANKS – GREAT video! – I am an IT guy, but would have been lost without your guidance creating my first WP Blog. Following your video to create my blog , I feel like I have a ‘basic grab’ on the WordPress structure, capabilities and tools – lots to still experiment with – but best way is ‘learning by doing’

  3. Hey greg, thank you for such an informative video. I would like to know the best platform for lifestyle/fashion/diy? Thank you

  4. What about email for comments, yoast SEO optimization…can you put up any display ads ( if you get some paid for?)

  5. Greg, help. You lost me! When I go into Domain Manager, nothing looks like your screen where you are going to enter your server names.

  6. It’s been 8 hours since I downloaded WordPress. I got the “installation complete” notation on the page, but I never received an email with a Congratulations! inside, showing my temporary username/password. Did something go wrong somewhere or does it actually take this long sometimes?

  7. oh no, I hit “update” after “Publish”. It said “Visibility: Public”. oh no, that doesn’t mean it’s “out there”, does it?

  8. I’m calling it a night. It’s all too technical for me and I’m completely lost. Maybe tomorrow, things will fall into place. thanks.

  9. I was off during the Christmas holidays and now I’m completely lost. So even though I’d made it through 1.22 hours on 12/13, I’m starting all over because I can’t even find my blog now.

  10. my site doesn’t do anything when i click on it (in godaddy). it brings up my site but i can’t open it or work on it. there’s a “screw” and a “check” indicator, but they don’t do anything.

  11. I don’t “get” it, obviously. What is the purpose of adding blank pages and/or using ipsum?

  12. AdSense rejected me; not enough content. You probably already knew that would happen, but I just thought I’d let you know.

  13. how do i get my photograph from FB into my profile on WordPress? And I’m almost at the end of your video; just wondering if you’re going to go into detail about how to get photos and videos onto our page.

  14. also (sorry for cluttering your reader): I don’t want readers to be able to go into my FB page, as there are lots of political arguments on there and that would be inappropriate for my blog. is it okay to just not do that?

  15. Hi, Greg. Just ignore my previous posts from the last few days. I figured almost everything out. But I can’t put any Google Ads on my blog until I can get AdSense, correct? And if I can’t crop an image to the 2-1 ratio and keep its integrity, then I can’t use that one on my slide shows, right? it cuts off the heads, etc. so I suppose some Cannon cameras (especially) just have too-big images. yes? Also: I can’t figure out how to add anything to the top drop-downs “Contact” “About Us”, etc. I have listened/watched your video three full times with lots of stops and reverses to try to get it all down. If that was in there, I’ve spaced it. Thanks for all you do!

  16. I went to put in the username from my email to godaddy and it told me It can’t display my DNS because its not managed by them. What do I do????

  17. Hi! i already clicked the launch your site option at the top of the banner, but when i click “visit my site” it takes me to a page with WEBSITE COMING SOON This page is used to test the proper operation of your recent MOJO Marketplace installation of WordPress! If you can read this page it means your installation was successful!” written
    any idea what i did wrong?

  18. Gerg…Thanks for the knowledge. I am starting a blog to target the industry of project management, and helping people pass the project management professional exam the first time, provide training via the blog, and eventually sell training sessions offline.what should do after my blog setup?

  19. Do we have to pay for the 12 months of web hosting in advance or do we have to pay them monthly?

  20. Great video, thanks! Finally I found helpfull content 🙂 Do you have any recommendations for responsive and fast Themes?

  21. Greg, I’m about to launch my blog / author site and wonder, what do you think of the 2017 theme for this? And will it be possible for a neophyte (me) to adapt this tutorial to 2017? I’ve already built the site but am rewatching your excellent video since it’s been over a year since I built it and want to brush up.

  22. excellent, excellent vid. Could u point to a vid where u have showed a multi or bilingual website operations. would be grateful

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