How To Create An ECommerce Website With WordPress 2017 | ONLINE STORE | NEW 3.0 Divi Theme -AMAZING!

How To Create An ECommerce Website With WordPress 2017 | ONLINE STORE | NEW 3.0 Divi Theme -AMAZING!

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Intro 00:00:00
Hosting 00:12:34
Install WordPress 00:16:00
Buy ElegantTheme 00:19:00
Add Divi Theme 00:21:35
Create First Page 00:24:35
Create Menu 00:25:40
Enable Visual Builder 00:28:09
Section Header 00:29:19
Section New Arrival 00:51:40
Section We Love Our Jeans 00:58:00
Install WooCommerce 01:06:22
Create PayPal Account 01:08:55
First Product 01:11:05
Create a Simple Product 01:20:20
Section Category for Front Page 01:21:59
Variable Products 01:25:20
Add Products to Front Page 01:41:00
Create Group Product 01:46:02
Affiliate Product 01:51:31
Add Simple Product to Front Page 01:55:28
Section Our Weekly Specials 01:58:27
Section Connect With Us 02:02:23
Section Blog 02:02:25
Section Email Optim 02:07:13
Create MailChimp Account 02:08:24
Section Social Icons 02:14:15
Premade Layout 02:16:15
Section Get in Touch 02:20:20
Add Google Map 02:27:10
Overlay Effect 02:33:00
The Flat Card Effect 02:36:50
Shop Menu 02:40:16
Widgets 02:43:20
Custom Shop Page 02:46:10
The Logo 02:56:30
The F.A.Q. Page 03:00:12
The Contact Us Page 03:04:29
Marketing 03:07:20
WooCommerce 03:11:26
General Options 03:12:06
Products 03:14:11
Taxes 03:16:39
Shipping 03:22:50
Checkout 03:26:10
Accounts 03:28:10
Emails 03:28:52
Orders 03:30:56
Cupons 03:34:00
PayPal Advanced 03:40:25

In this tutorial, i will show you how to create an ecommerce website with wordpress (also known as an online shop) for complete beginners! I will go step by step and show you all of the divi theme modules to help you learn how to use the divi theme properly. You can be a complete beginner and make your own ecommerce website. Its really simple. Below, I have included links to help you get started on building and creating your website.

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**Here are the LINKS for the ecommerce wordpress tutorial**


These images will help you get started to follow along with me in the tutorial. Go ahead and download them! They are free!

Custom SHOP Modules:

There are several ways to decorate your ecommerce website. Here, is an article on how you can design your online shop.

FREE F.A.Q. Page Layout:

Free Divi layouts. Always amazing

FREE Contact Us Layouts:


This is for the front page on the bottom section. Make sure you download it correctly and follow the steps

For more tutorials like this and to learn how to create a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at

**Credit To Regency For The Pictures And Style**


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  1. Woooooaahhhhh <3 I completed online store twith the help of your tutorial <3 (y) I highly appreciated you Darrel, Thank You

  2. Great tutorial, I only have one issue. The site looks unrecognizable on mobile. The large image on the home page is stretched out all the way down my phone screen. Any advice on how to fix this?

  3. Hey Darrel I am having a problem with changing the font style and size on the shop modules. The price font style will change but not the title. Is there any way to fix this?

  4. Hey man, I love how you say Butt-Inz. Thanks so much this tutorial was amazing and so helpful!

  5. Great tutorial thanks. Just one quick comment… would it not be better to set the theme default font to Raleway before you start, instead of constantly changing each text module? Seems to me like that would be the thing to do.

  6. Hi
    I’m new here .I saw all the tutorials.Now I’m trying to make website by following your steps .
    Can you suggest me, how can i make a perfect website by divi theme as like you ?

  7. Thanks for sharing. I tried to download divi layout from your website, but can’t upload to dashboard.

  8. Very usefull video Darrel! Thanks a lot! Maybe change default font in the beginning instead of changing it all the time to Railway. ?

  9. Hi, when uploading the Divi theme i get this error “the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” what can i do?

  10. hi should input button below in theimage..”add tocart” in shop.

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