How To Add An Image In WordPress Sidebar Widget

How To Add An Image In WordPress Sidebar Widget

Adding an image to your WordPress posts is normally an easy process. But for adding an image in a widget, it can be confusing for some beginners. In this video, we will show you how to add an image in a WordPress sidebar Widget.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

To add it manually go to Media, Add New and upload your image.

Click on the edit link next to the image to go to the Edit Media page.

Copy the Url in the file URL field.

Go to Appearance, Widgets and add a text widget

In the text area add: img src=”Paste The File URL Here” alt=”Strawberries” / inside brackets with the url inside the quotes and save.

For the plugin method install and activate the Image Widget plugin.

Under Appearance, Widgets add the image Widget

Click Select an image, and choose the image you want in the widget.

Set up the image options and click save.

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  1. Boy you must be confused reading all these comments! I like the tutorial and had no problem stopping it to look at my site. All you have to do click anywhere in the video and it will freeze. However, I need to put a number of images in the side bar and image widget seems to only be able to do one. Any other one will replace the one already there. I’ll keep looking! Thanks.

  2. That was way too fast for me to understand a thing. I listened a few times but alas cannot follow this video. Sorry

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