Customize Vantage WordPress Theme

Customize Vantage WordPress Theme

Spend 30 minutes watching this video. It will save you hours of stress as you edit and customize your Vantage theme and WordPress website.


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  1. Hi thank you for your tutorials. They help me out quite a bit when I’m stuck. One thing I’m still stuck on is what size is the space about the bar for my logo/business name And what size do I set for the slider?

  2. Hi Greg. Thanks for the tutorial first of all :)I am unable to make any changes to my website logo, site title andĀ tagline.In the customize section it does appears the way I want, right title, tagline and even shows photo on sidebar. But for some reason it doesn’t seems to be published.I have tried it multiple times.Please help!URL:,Harleen

  3. Dude as soon as you mentioned the copyright filter I knew you were the man. You had me sold at that point. Keep up the good work brother

  4. Hi Greg, how do you change the size, colour and font on subtitles in a wordpress blog?

  5. How do I change the text under the “Circles” on the Vantage Home Page? If I go to Appearance–>Home Page, then all the bars are gone. My site is almost complete but I can’t edit the text associated with the circles.

  6. Sir i want to make a website on tour and travels what theme shall i use

  7. Hey Greg, I appreciate all the videos. You’ve helped me out a lot. I have a question about adding social media icons to the very top of my page. I am using the site origin widget plugin for the social media icons. It is placed in the middle of my header.

    My question is, how do I get them to go above my header image. The site is Thanks.

  8. Hi! Is there a video tutorial for adding a text overlay to a home-page slider in Vantage theme? I’ve been searching for a while, but can’t seem to find out a simple plugin for this…?

  9. Trying to find a theme for a client. I’m leaning towards Vantage. Great tutorial!! Do you know if the parallax feature can be used on this theme? Thank you

  10. Hi Greg, thaks for the video. I’ve just installed Vantage Theme but, when I click on “theme settings” on dashboard, the page does not appears for me. The only message tha appears on the page is:

    “Our theme settings now take advantage of the WordPress customizer. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings to access theme settings”

    Can u help me, please?

  11. Bro, i like the default page of the theme, i can modify it? im looking for do it but i dont know how

  12. When I save my created slide and put it on the homepage the slider does not appear. Also when I select: None the demo slider is still there, can you help fixing this?

  13. Thanks for this video. Thanks to you I am using this theme.

    Just one thing I can’t found out, I made a MetaSlider, but I can’t find how to put it full with.
    Could you help me out?

  14. Thanks for the video ?.it was very useful.just a lil problem,I was enable to download the woocommence plugin .i have tried using all methods to get it but I seem to be having a hard time with that .kindy help out with link or something so I can download it straight forward it.Thanks.

  15. Thank’s Greg, great tutorial do you know of any vantage tutorials above the slider? masthead/logo etc

  16. Great help Greg
    I wonder how can I modify the masthead having rows of contents. I see I can add widgets but couldn’t see how I can stack them.

  17. Thank You Thank You Thank You for making this video. I should have found this video before I tried to figure the slider out for myself. I could not figure out how to customize the images correctly. Love this theme too. I am not a web developer at all, and am just learning on my own (slowly šŸ™‚

  18. Hi Greg in the reading settings, I don’t have the front page display option.. How do I get it?

  19. i started from twenty ten theme, when I changed to Vantage theme the menu that was created from catagories disapeared only menu created from page left. The header image when to vantage default, also the footer widgets missing.
    Please advice.

  20. Hi Greg,
    I made my Vantage website on an Apple, and with Safari. I have on my homepage the latest blog, and a sidebar with Archive. It works fine.
    And it works also fine with Chrome, Firefox and Edge. But in Internet Explorer, on Windows 10, the latest blog-picture and the Archive gets on top of each other: I loose the layout somehow.
    What can I do? Thanks.

  21. Hi Greg! I would like to translate my Vantage theme, but I can’t get the language switcher to work. Could you briefly explain how to do it? Thanks!

  22. Great Video! I love how you explain things and the pace is pretty good. Thanks so much for doing this tutorial.

  23. H! Could you tell me how to make this template multilingual? Thanks in advanced!

  24. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for all the guidance you’ve given with regard to this plugin, it has been invaluable.
    Vantage has been brilliant!
    Unfortunately, I have recently encountered a problem which requires a re-installation of the plugin but I’ve not been able to find any guidance as to how to do it without losing my current settings.
    Normally I would do the install via the WordPress dashboard but there’s a problem logging onto the site. So I am trying to do everything via Filezilla in the hope that I will be able to login to the dashboard in the usual way again.
    Any ideas?
    Robin Narayan

  25. Hi I was wondering if you could help, I am trying to change the text colour in the Site Origin Editor widget (where you have writtenĀ “ADVENTURE etc” and I don’t have the same formatting options as you, pleaseĀ seeĀ screenshot hereĀ What would you advise? Many thanks

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