Hestia WordPress Theme Tutorial: Make Hestia FREE Look Like The Demo

Hestia WordPress Theme Tutorial: Make Hestia FREE Look Like The Demo

Check the timestamps below to navigate through the video and make Hestia look like the demo in less than 10 minutes.
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This is a step by step guide to setup Hestia. You can download it for FREE here:

Check these resources that I mention in the video:

Hestia Community on Facebook:
Get the links for front page sections:
Add Menu Icons:
Free images resource:

Table of Contents:
00:44 – Get Started With Hestia Free
01:13 – Start with the Customizer
01:29 – Site Identity (Logo and Site Icon)
02:13 – Appearance Settings
03:16 – FrontPage Sections:
03:26 – Big Title
03:54 – Features
05:45 – Testimonials
06:13 – Subscribe
07:07 – Blog
07:22 – Contact
08:01 – Colors
08:11 – Header Options
09:47 – Footer Options
10:18 – Menu
12:03 – Shop

Hestia gives you a fully responsive design that never fails! No matter how you choose to configure your site, it will always remain mobile-friendly and will render perfectly on all devices.

We started doing video-responses for the things we missed in the video. Let us know in the comments where you got stuck.

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15 Replies to “Hestia WordPress Theme Tutorial: Make Hestia FREE Look Like The Demo”

  1. Can I use any other Email marketing service in stead of SendinBlue for the Subscribe section ?

  2. images i choose for big title section get automatically reduced to a lower size , any fix??

  3. Hello everyone! Thanks for your honest interactions here! If you have any questions about what I mentioned in this video please leave a comment below.

  4. Beatiful theme but i have a question. I can’t see the features under frontpage section. Any possible reason why?

  5. hello, is it possible to disable big title section in your latest update? i can disable it when it isnt updated yet only by removing the image. For now, removing is only give me white or blank white background. Suggestion will be appreciated. thank you

  6. We need a way to customize the product section of the theme, e.g. allow thumbnail + price, or just category links, or gallery, etc… Having all the content stuffed inside a large towering div makes the site look bad.

  7. Hello ThemeIsle! I just got a new issue on my website. A big one! The theme is only showing the big tittle section. It is not showing up features, about and shop sections. HELP

  8. I am trying customizing appearance settings; resizing the big title, and also the team section but after I rewrite everything, changes are not being applied on the page. What could be the issue?

  9. how to make the slider images responsive? I am unable to get the complete images when checking in other mobile. The images are getting cropped.

  10. Hello! Hestia is showing categories description on top menu, under shop. What would be the issue?

  11. How do I remove it in the footer the size that says HESTIA / works thanks to wordpress. URGENT

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