WordPress Autoblog Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Autoblog Plugin Tutorial

Autoblog plugin: Video Blogster Pro

Create your own unique video website with ease. Video Blogster Pro is a powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress that can put your site on auto-pilot, automatically creating new content from various video sites and giving you unlimited amounts of fresh search engine food for your niche blog all day, every day.It’s super easy to use, extremely flexible and works with any theme!


5 Replies to “WordPress Autoblog Plugin Tutorial”

  1. Hi, is it working now or will get banned from YT and Google? Thanks a lot. Best regards. Raf

  2. exists or know of a plug-in like me to do the exact same thing but instead of the video, which amounts only images with text and create new articles thanks? (I have the same site with the same theme of human identical)…. thanks to those who respond

  3. Can you remove or ban videos that aren’t appropriate – so that the plugin will never pull it up again?

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