Google Photos For WordPress Tutorial

Google Photos For WordPress Tutorial

A tutorial on installing, configuring, and using the Google Photos for WordPress plugin by Ian Kennerly (Cheshire Web Solutions).


5 Replies to “Google Photos For WordPress Tutorial”

  1. Very well done! Great job and you have a beautiful voice for tutorials. Very professional.

  2. I cannot get the plug in to work!!!!!!  I have tried every thing from copying the short codes from all over the site, plugin read me file.  the images are not displayed the way the short codes say.  UGGGGG after four days of trying I want my money back!!!!!!

  3. I have a problem with the plugin.
    First I got the same points like you, after I chose “Setting”.
    But aber I pressed the authorize button and made all steps to finish, I don’t come back to the point, where I can paste the veryfication code from google.
    Everything that lasts in the setting menu is the link to google, to get the code.

  4. Best tutorial I have seen so far. GREAT voice and I like how you don’t rush through everything so fast I am clueless! Very professionally done! THANKS

  5. Hi David, this plugin worked great for me for about a week and then I wasn’t able to add any other photos. I would go to Google photos to admin the album and there (at Google photos) I would see the updates. But on my site it’s still the same photos as before. I’ve tried re-authorizing Google to the plugin only to see the same photos as before. Great plugin. If only I could get it to work again.

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