How To Add Scrolling News In WordPress Sidebar Tutorial By Sathya

How To Add Scrolling News In WordPress Sidebar Tutorial By Sathya

Scrolling news can attract your visitors. That news showing the latest posts of your wordpress website. Thats appears on side bar of the website. Install one easy plugin to add scrolling news. That plugin name is “continuous rss scrolling”.


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  1. how do you do this with text widgets that are already created? I have 6 text widgets that I would like to scroll

  2. You can’t do this in text widgets. Just install “Continuous rss Scrolling” plugin to do this.

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  5. hi satya|
    After installing joomla iam getting security warnings like{ ini() is disabled for security reasons } can you help me to get rid of this

  6. hi, please tell me how to format the section for the post, like to be in the middle and perhaps how to separate your posts maybe with a break line or put them in boxes to look good. more or less like yours. secondly i wanna know how to change your side bars background colors and the borders of your sidebars and post section. please help me. or do you perhaps have a video on this???

  7. Hello sir, what is the name of theme used in this video. where can I download it?

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