Create A WordPress Website For Your Business

Create A WordPress Website For Your Business

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Learn how to create a WordPress website step by step with no step skipped. In this tutorial I use a real business that is profitable as an example of how to create a WordPress website that gets results.

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Intro – 00:00:00
Site Tour – 00:02:44
Mobile Tour – 00:05:18
Overview – 00:08:07

Hosting & Domain Set Up – 00:11:01
Install WordPress – 00:17:25
Login To WordPress – 00:21:59
WordPress Set Up – 00:23:07

Download Theme – 00:25:34
Install Theme – 00:26:45
Install Beaver Builder – 00:28:06
Delete Sample Pages – 00:29:13
Add Your Pages – 00:29:57
Navigation Menu – 00:31:19
Navigation Menu Color – 00:32:39
Logo – 00:34:13
Header Menu Size – 00:35:00
Header Phone Number – 00:36:04
Create Footer Menu – 00:36:37
Edit Footer Menu – 00:38:14

Create Home Page – 00:39:52
Add Video Plugin – 00:58:30

Create About Page – 01:06:11

Create Services Page – 01:17:11

Create Contact Page – 01:29:37

Create Mobile Version – 01:40:47

Install Unbranding Plugin – 02:02:47
Edit Fonts – 02:08:06
Social Media Icons – 02:16:50
Create a Logo – 02:19:34
Give Credit – 02:20:50
Change Title – 02:23:00


18 Replies to “Create A WordPress Website For Your Business”

  1. In the end when you said: “Thank you so much”, I just thought dude i am the one to be thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i was using a step by step lesson plan for tesseract them that you put online awhile back, it was so helpful but I can not find it now, can you send the link?

  3. Your video was really helpful! Thanks a lot!

    Can you please make a video on how to create a WordPress theme? 🙂

  4. Can anyone assist… I have the word “undefined” written on the top of my mobile menu?? Is there a way of taking this word off?

  5. hey Tyler i recently visited your website to download the theme you spoke of but when the site was loaded all that was there was your name at the top and another version of this video to watch that was it no menus no links tried multiple interfaces and all getting the same is the theme no longer availible and is your site currently being maintenanced

  6. Hi, is anyone else experiencing that certain rows of their web pages have become links to dead web pages (in other words pages with no content)?? this is really baffling as I’ve checked all the settings and I have not added any links or connected them to any other pages. Please HELP…

    And yes I have the most recent Tesseract theme.

  7. Can anyone assist… I have the word “undefined” written on the top of my mobile menu?? Is there a way of taking this word off?

  8. Reviewed again ! Love the family videos on the other tutorial. Thx again Tyler. Love your teaching methodology. Enjoy

  9. hey i cant download your theme anymore there’s no button on your website pls help:(

  10. Hi .. I need to create a bigger space between the end of my logo and the start of the menu options, “home” … how do I do this ?

  11. I can not get the grid to where the rows are installed to go full width across my site and suggestions?

  12. Greate video…you have done a greate job…
    i just want to say that pls make video about how to make affiliate advertisement post through this type of website you make… if you done then send me the link of your video.
    Thanks ?…. keep going ?

  13. I watched this video again as a refresher . Tyler I personally want to thank you this tutorial, as well as the others have saved me and put me on my path . Thank You

  14. Hello, i just wanted to take the moment to thank you. Your video is very educational, i been watching this video many time and i learn alot. Thank you so much

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