Building An App With WordPress

Building An App With WordPress

Already have a WordPress site, and want an app to go with it, but don’t have ,000+, a team of programmers, and a year to have it built? Learn how you can leverage your existing WordPress content to build an app in a matter of days or weeks. This webinar will give you an overview of the options available and steps required to create a WordPress-based app for iOS and Android. We will discuss:

– Plugins and Services for Creating WordPress Apps
– Using Native Features
– App Development Checklist
– Publishing Your App

Please note that some of the content for this course requires intermediate to advanced experience with WordPress. You should know how to:

– Install and configure WordPress plugins and themes
– Look at (and maybe even edit) an XML file without your head exploding
– Follow some pretty confusing and potentially convoluted instructions without getting too annoyed

Register for the webinar via the URL provided to get access to the slideshow and additional resources.


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  1. I created a app for my company and i want to download it onto my wordpress website for other employees to download onto there cell phones or there websites. I used Android Studio 1.5.1 Powered by the IntellJ Platform to build the app from scratch. I have my app on cell phone as we speak. I showed it to several employees and now they want it on there cell phones. Can this be done? and how? If you do not understand my question please let me no. Thank you.

  2. The AppPresser folks have published some amazing updates, and I’ve built several more apps with it, so planning an update for this content very soon.

  3. Can I create apps like snapchat, Instagram or Facebook.
    I’m looking forward creating apps such as these apps I mentioned before. I mean apps for social media
    Thank you

  4. Have you tried WP AppKit? its a free wordpress plugin that uses a custom json api to create Cordova apps ready to build at WP_AK incorporates posts, pages and their lists into html5 android and apple ready apps. Its GNU GPL, uses customizable themes and their github has three demo themes ready including one built with Bootstrap. I use appkit and xdk to build apps from wp totally free. It incorporates hooks so you can add your custom content by declaring it in hooks, you don’t have to though.

    AppKit was presented by its current staff at WordCamp Lyon 2015 during a 40 minute presentation on JSON api.

    The apps are 100% editable after they are made, make sure the fonts and theme images are in the right wp folders and the (fully editable) html js and css that wp-appkit makes is the app.

    The plugin includes an app manager into wordpress, manage an unlimited number of apps, wp multisite works.

    Loaded documentation to help make your own app themes if your so inclined.

    Its my favorite wp plugin.

  5. This was awesome Chrissy. I can’t believe I just found this – AppPresser and your YouTube. You did a wonderful job explaining the options and what needs to be done to turn your WordPress site into a App. I love that you explained the different options and then drilled down into AppPresser. Would love to see and update… Can’t wait! Thank you!!!

  6. Hey, Chrissy. You got almost 38,000 views on a course that is 1:46 minutes! This is not a funny 60 second make you laugh video, but and intense technical learning video. Being that the average YouTube video is under 4 minutes and a great response is 1 million views that would be less than 4 million avg. minutes. However you have 38,000 x 106 minutes =4 Million Avg Minutes – wow! Bottom line .. Speaking as part of your 4 million avg minutes of interested viewers… lets see all your new tricks. Thanks Chrissy.

  7. One at the time done so you can see all features would be much better than this… shows just it can’t do anything but what you been able to do for free the past 10 years

  8. hello @Chrissy Rey I want to convert my wordpress website to an android + ios app can you help me ?

  9. hello @Chrissy Rey I want to convert my wordpress website to an android + ios app can you help me ?

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