How To Create An Ecommerce Website In WordPress Online Store! – 2017

How To Create An Ecommerce Website In WordPress Online Store! – 2017

THE BEST!! Learn how to create a professional ecommerce website using wordpress!! Demo site:

Important links:
HOSTGATOR: (affiliate link)

12:58 – Step 1: Get Domain and Hosting

16:10 – Step 2: Go to Email Inbox

16:27 – Step 3: Sign into Cpanel

16:47 – Step 4: Install WordPress

18:37 – Step 5: Log into WordPress Website

19:27 – Step 6: Get Flatsome Theme (ecommerce template)

20:25 – Step 7: Install Theme on WordPress Website

21:36 – Step 8: Install WooCommerce Plugins

22:38 – Step 9: Install WooCommerce Pages

23:11 – Step 10: Save Images

23:45 – Step 11: Upload Images

24:33 – Step 12: Modify WordPress Website Style/Color

32:30 – Step 13: Create Custom Logo

35:32 – Step 14: Create Homepage / Blog Page

39:45 – Step 15-A: Create Homepage Slider Block

55:09 – Step 15-B: Create Banner Row

1:03:20 – Step 15-C: Create Featured Product Row

1:06:08 – Step 15-D: Create Blog Post Section

1:10:03 – Step 16: Set up Product Page Options

1:11:33 Step 17: Add Products (simple products: 1:12:48 & variable products: 1:35:35)

1:48:28 – Step 18: Set Categories Options

1:53:55 – Step 19: Create Shop Page

1:59:58 – Step 20: Format Blog Page

2:01:31 – Step 21: Create Blog Posts

2:20:28 – Step 22: Create About Page

2:36:50 – Step 23: Create Contact Us Page

2:44:25 – Step 24: Create FAQ Page

2:53:37 – Step 25: Create Shipping and Returns Page

2:55:35 – Step 26: Create Terms & Conditions Page

2:56:32 – Step 27: Create Privacy Policy Page

3:00:14 – Step 28: Create Wishlist Page

3:01:57 – No Step: Create Why Page

3:05:24 – Step 29: Create Header Menu

3:16:58 – Step 30-A: Create Top Bar Navigation Menu

3:25:57 – Step 30-B: Create Footer Menu

3:28:22 – Step 31: Link Buttons to Pages

3:32:22 – Step 32: Set WooCommerce Settings

3:41:08 – Step 33: Test Transaction

This video teaches you how to make an ecommerce wordpress website and lets you customize it so you can build it any way you want 🙂

This tutorial teaches you how to create an ecommerce store with wordpress. If you’re looking to sell something, this is the ecommerce store for you!

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final words: Flatsome Theme Tutorial WordPress (please do not pay for any online tutorial for the flatsome theme. The Flatsome theme is super awesome and easy to use and the Flatsome theme provides so much documentation that anyone selling flatsome theme how to guides is scamming you and that’s not nice! We cover so much here you should be a flatsome theme expert by the end of the video – and you’ll have an ecommerce website done in wordpress if you follow along 🙂

Image credits for macarons and macaron pyramid: Dana’s Bakery LLC (check them out!!


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  1. 2:38:16 Using the Map Feature isn’t working for the Contact Us page. It states that the page cannot load Google Maps correctly.

  2. How do you add: “In Stock” “Not in stock anymore” ” In provider’s stock”

  3. Hi Every one I am creating webpage with Flat some theme, but i am facing an issue the banner under the slider is not showing the images. How I can resolve this issue. Kindly Guide me.

  4. Hi i add a slider and banner and two images according to the given procedure but there are four buttons and i have two images. How i can add more images or remove the bubbles? Kindly help me

  5. Hi I have added two rows of featured products, i want to add variable products in second row from the first row but it is showing the same as it is. How i can change this. Kindly Guide me

  6. Man, why do images change when you hover over them? If I want to see a red macaron when I hover over them I would like to see maybe a zoom of the same macaron. I am a little confused.

  7. Yesterday, on my Products page I had my main product image and four product gallery images and they were all appearing very nicely – i.e. you could click left or right on the main image and then one of the gallery images would appear, and you could add to wishlist if you wanted to – in other words, everything was working perfectly for each of my products.
    Today, all the images are stacked one of top of each other. There’s no longer any wishlist ‘heart’ and there is no left or right slider button. Have you any idea what may have happened? I’ve obviously changed something important, but I can’t find what it is?

  8. hey dude… first of all… AMAZING Tutorial! But i have a question… i want to make a affiliate clothing store and now my question.. can i add a link to (example amazon) the “add to card” button? because that is for me so important.. 🙂 i hope you can answer me 🙂

  9. Hi, is it possible to set up a calendar that allows customers to choose their preferred Order Delivery Date during checkout? I need help to set it up… any suggestions, please. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for sharing this great work with us. One question – why the thumbnail image looks blurred compare with my original image? My original images are all with high resolution. For example: Original size 2048*1536 used for Product gallery and product image both. Although on that product page it shows both are 510*600, but visually the product image is blurred and the product gallery image is sharp. Thumbnail on menu page looks blurred and shows 247*300. I have tried to set the thumbnail to 400*400 and regenerated all, but still looking blurred for thumbnails and main product images. How can I make thumbnail images look sharp? Can anyone help please? Thank you!

  11. Please update this guide with the new drag and drop version of Flatsom 2.0!

  12. hi there, just wondering if I am able to post contact info and address as header using this theme?

  13. I am going to create a website for someone for $250 lol…. thanks man I don’t know how to thank you more!!!

  14. Hi nice tech club I uploaded the pictures and entered the url in the block row
    but they are not visible when i refresh my site i have pasted the url in hompage
    what i think is that i am facing the problm of picture resolution but then i uploaded the same reolution of pic 800 x 531 that you have uploaded . Still the same problem kindly help me

  15. Hi NYC TECH CLUB! Thank you for this tutorial! I have two questions, first, How do I link pages to the blocks on the homepage? and second, is there a way to add a button “add image” on the contact us screen?

  16. thanks best video ever watched. sir if i already have domain can i still make it e-commerce

  17. Hi. Jameson.
    First of all, thank you so much for teaching us such wonderful tutorial.

    But. I got few questions for you because we are using different versions of flatsome.

    1. How to create a create account page? you didn’t mention in the video.

    2.About the privacy policy and term and condition page. Can you recommend any website? This two are very serious. I hope you can teach us.

    Thank you so much.

  18. Hey..
    I wanna ask few qns.
    1. Is it hack proof ?
    2. If I wanna monetize my site too like a banner ad or something, can u suggest how to do that ?
    3. will I get sales reports in this theme? If not then how can I get them or if I can add google analytics to it.

  19. Hi there. I dont have the Forms category as shown in 3:22:37. How to acquire this. In addition to that, I also dont have the theme options and has to manually go under Customize tab to edit..

  20. hi thank’s for great tutorial
    i have an issue too many products not showing add to wishlist options

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