Yoast Seo Premium Tutorial 2017 | WordPress SEO By Yoast

Yoast Seo Premium Tutorial 2017 | WordPress SEO By Yoast

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In this yoast seo premium tutorial, i walk through the basics of the yoast seo plugin for wordpress and show you the features the plugin has. The Yoast SEO plugin helps with SEO for your website and can really help you with issues regarding SEO. The pro features for the yoast plugin are explained in this tutorial! good luck!

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24 Replies to “Yoast Seo Premium Tutorial 2017 | WordPress SEO By Yoast”

  1. Nice overview, you´re tutorials are helping quite alot. In the near future ill be starting up the website part of my ecommerce bussiness so I wanted to ask if its possible that you can give a tutorial on how to make an ecommerce website using storefront?

  2. A nice overview, thanks Darrel. A bit out of topic question, are there any plugins that can do such thing as the “Social Preview” does? Most of the ‘social media sharing button’ plugins – that I know – do not offer this feature, hence we can not control the outlook/design. Thanks.

  3. I’m thinking about using you for my Seo. I’m currently building my site with divi and wanted to know if I should use yoast if I’m paying for your monthly service? Thanks

  4. How to apply a keyword that uses a comma (,) to apply in a post.
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  5. Because your video was so good, I followed your link to buy both Premium and Local, but did not receive any discount. Bought anyway, but you might want to nag them.

  6. Great Video Darrel, much better then anything I have seen. My question, I do have yoest premium installed and if I go to seo titles & metas then go to home page tab, click edit page, I do not see the home page copy on this page, do i have to go to another page or can I change a setting so that I can see it all on 1 page. Also, for premium do I just put the 5 key phrases where it says focus keyword or do I click on + add keyword tab for each keyword phrase?

  7. hi darrel i just want to ask you that i am just create a website and make some posts . but the question is why my website did not show up on google search engine

  8. I have this comment on my Word press Dashboard as a “Problem” You are not receiving updates or support! Fix this problem by adding this site and enabling Yoast SEO Premium for it in” What is the FIX? on MyYoast or WordPress?

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