WordPress Tutorial – How To Write Posts For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress Tutorial – How To Write Posts For Your WordPress Blog

This tutorial demonstrates how to write a post using WordPress’ text editor, and how to specify the tags and categories for your posts. You will also learn about the different options for publishing your post.

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8 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial – How To Write Posts For Your WordPress Blog”

  1. thanks Chad. I’m learning as I build my blog. Today you helped me with the Kitchen Sink added features and especially the Sticky Note. I think I’m going to like that feature. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for this great video! But what if you want to write a post and add it to another Page Category? You don’t want the post on the main page, but on another page of your blog?

  3. I work as a web developer and I just created a series of 55 video tutorials for wordpress users. It definitely is the best wordpress course ever created. I uploaded a sample part of the course on my channel. check it out..

  4. why i cant see publish button??
    instead of that i see submit for review button???
    please tell me

  5. You are not an admin of the blog. Your role has been set as contributor. Whatever you post, your post will be reviewed by an admin. Usually admins see the Publish button.

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