WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – Properly Make A Website With WordPress

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – Properly Make A Website With WordPress

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In this WordPress Tutorial for Beginners, you will learn not only how to PROPERLY build a website with WordPress, step-by-step, START TO FINISH – you will also learn how to correctly optimize your WordPress website for the search engines AND your site visitors/potential customers, which will help increase your site’s online presence and bring more traffic & customers to your site!

We will use the free Twenty Fourteen theme to build a responsive WordPress website–but this WP tutorial can be used for any WordPress theme.

Free Download: WP Website Creation & Promotion MindMap:

Total beginner or more advanced, follow along and build your own mobile-friendly, responsive, optimized website with the free WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme, in 2014.

Enjoy and please leave your questions and comments below!


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Video Chapters Index – Click on the time stamp links below to go the topic of your choice

0:08 Intro
1:07 Mindmap/video overview
4:29 Mindmap info
5:31 Instant Domain Search
6:42 Hosting
10:04 Connect hosting & domain
11:40 Cpanel – install WordPress
14:13 WordPress profile
16:53 Choosing a WordPress Theme
18:20 Child theme
23:51 Basic setup & settings
27:12 Plugins
39:50 Twenty Fourteen tweaks
41:28 Site content planning
45:50 Related keyword pages/categories
49:36 Home page tweaks
51:08 Create & install header image
1:02:10 Remove comments – bulk edit
1:03:39 Add home page content
1:06:02 Images: find,resize,optimize,edit
1:12:07 Sidebar/Widgets
1:24:11 Contact form
1:31:41 More home page tweaks
1:33:35 Image slider
1:39:45 Custom navigation menus
1:43:45 Left sidebar – widgets
1:51:31 Media library/Featured images
1:57:12 Blog/Featured grid
2:06:06 Changing WordPress themes


Learn how to make your very own website with WordPress which is optimized and will be a foundation of your business’ online presence. No matter if you are a total WordPress beginner and know absolutely nothing about HTML, etc, you can make a WordPress website!

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Thank you…keep smiling, and keep on keepin’ on! 🙂


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  1. Hi Mike, I love your video tutorials! THANKS!!
    but my content sidebar does no appear, I’ve read through the comments below and can’t find one that I understand well enough to sort my problem.
    Thanks in advance

  2. MIKE THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL TUTORIAL. We made two pages; how can I link the posts to the blog page?

  3. Wow! that reminded me of many of my college courses. I did take some notes but now I’ll go back and pause it while I’m creating my website. If I run into any snags is there a way to get help? Thanks

  4. Can you please demonstrate how to consolidate similar blog into same tile. I mean suppose I have travel related blogs and I want to consolidate all of them into a tile called Travel Guide. Please advise

  5. I have to say…r u stupid? I lost you at gator hosting…there is no way to keep up with u

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