WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 8 – The Difference Between Posts And Pages

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 8 – The Difference Between Posts And Pages

THE NEW SITE IS UP FOR ALL WORDPRESS BEGINNERS!!! | In this eighth WordPress tutorial for beginners, I go over the differences between a post and a page in WordPress.

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  1. Changing the footer depends upon the theme that you have. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific than that, but you’ll have to do a search in your WordPress admin and do a search for a free theme that allows that option, or pay for a premium theme.

  2. Hi Robert, thank you for teaching me wordpress. I loved every video, the presentation was great and your voice is very pleasant. Do come out with more videos on E commerce sites. thanks angain, God Bless…

  3. When you go to your post in question to edit, you should be able to change the date from the time it was posted to today’s date. That should put it at the top of your blog posts.

  4. Great videos. You have great qualities that make your teachings work. Question: What software are you using to record this tutorial – the one that gives you the nice yellow highlighted arrow? I have Camtasia, but it doesn’t have the nice highlight feature. Trying to do some online Bible studies. Thanks.

  5. Posts are a completely different thing from pages. You cannot create a blog post and have it linked to a page automatically. What you can do is create a category named “Food”, then make your posts (not pages) fall under that category. After you do this, you can create a menu item that has that category. When the site user clicks on the menu item named “Food”, they will be taken to a list of all your posts pertaining to the food category. You will not have to update that page list, simply…

  6. …..create a new post, select the “food” under category, then it will automatically appear in your listing.

  7. Many thanks, very good!
    One question, please: how can I insert documents (like PDF file) in static pages, in order to allow people to download them?
    Best regards, mario

  8. Mario, this is a good vid tutorial. I’m going to create one that will answer this question. If you haven’t subscribed (which is the only way I know to let you know), do so and you’ll see it when it gets uploaded.

  9. The new wordpress update changed the excerpt in an automatic excerpt, show the first 55 words of the post content.

  10. Hello Robert,
    Thank you, for very helpful videos.
    But i’m stuck, i can’t add post to my page ūüôĀ
    I tryed add category. but it still not on site, only when I search for it, I can see it.
    I don’t know what to do?

  11. If your intentions is to have all your blog posts appear on a page, you need to create a blank page and create a title for it (“My Blog” for example). Once you’ve created your blank page, publish it. After that, go to your “Settings” > “Reading and choose a static home page and your blank page you’ve just created for your blog posts. Then you will need to add that page to your menu.

  12. You videos are very informative, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am having some difficulty seeing my entire post on my page, I am seeing only a summary with a “read more” button. I have checked to make sure my reading settings are on “full text” and even after I save, I am still seeing only the summary. How do I go about fixing this?

  13. I don’t know what theme you are using, but in some of the free / paid themes, they can override the “summary” / “full text” settings. Again, I don’t know what theme you are using.

  14. I’m using a theme called RoundTheWorld. I also have a button from another site that I would like to place on my page (using their button vs. a link). How do I go about doing this? Is this in one of your videos?

  15. Also, I am getting an error report on one of my pages that has a red box saying “please return the links to the footer”. I’m not quite sure what I did to get this, I’ve been following your moves from your videos but today I was trying things on my own for a bit. Any advise would be helpful. Thank you again.

  16. Hi Robert, thanks for all your VERY helpful videos.

    I have a question. I have my blogs posted to my home page right now but I want to change it so that all my posts go on my “blog” page. How do I change it so that my posts go to my “blog” page? Here’s the thing, under settings, I have it so that my “home” page is front and my”blog” page is chosen under posts. However, I continue to see posts on my home page and not on my Blog page. Do you have any insight about this?

  17. A very doable solution. After you log into your dashboard, go to “Settings” > “Reading”. It is here that you set up a static home page as well as forwarding your blog posts to a page of your choice. Before you do this, if you haven’t done so already, you will need to create and publish a blank page where the posts will go (entitle it “My Blog” for example). After you get this done, go to “Appearances” > “Menu”, then add that page.

    Hope this helps.

  18. I Robert,

    I really like your great videos but I have some question.In my home lab,working in local,there are some options you used in your tutorials on wordpress which didn’t work.Is there anyway to make them work or I must get a domain name and web host first? Your answer will be welcome as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance and regards,

  19. Thanks Robert you did make a difference and a desire I had to make a flowing blog has been answered I am going to try and do what you say. I already have a page set as the blog but when I write a new post do I click add new post publish and will it automatically go on the blog page? At the mo it doesent seem to. Thanks glad I found your site

  20. On your new WP for beginners site how do you create the blue tags on the side bar that you have thanks again

  21. Hey Robert, thanks so much for all of your videos they’ve been a huge help! I am having one problem though. I have a static page for my cover page, and my updated blog page for another. Is it possible to post blogs to more then one page instead of just one? The settings menu is only allowing me to post updated blogs under one page. Thanks for the help!

  22. Thanks for the tutorials Robert. I would like to have an opening paragraph on my home page then have the articles i post below it. As well as is there a way to make drop down menus? Id like to have an author section with drop down menus where they can click the author and get a bio. Anyway to do this?

  23. I like how were able to zoom but I do not like how far back you zoom when you talk about your icons, or the overall view.

  24. Hey Robert. I’ve watched your first 6 videos and it did simplified quite a lot. Out of curiosity where can I find¬†Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners Part 7???? Looked and looked but cannot seem to find it. Thanks.

  25. at last I FEEL HOPEFUL that i can put up a blog.¬† this series is so easy to follow (visually and logically!) And with none of the barely hidden agendas of so many of the videos I’ve “auditioned.” My lit agent wants it….I WANT it…and i’ve procrastinated for soooooooo loooooong. I guess after a while I’ll be at a point to ask about the finer points like the viewers below.¬† but for now…just feeling, “i THINK i can; i THINK i can; i KNOW(?!?!?!) i can is huge. THANK YOU ROBERT!!!!!

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