WordPress Owl Carousel Plugin

WordPress Owl Carousel Plugin

How to use Owl Carousel WordPress plugin.

1. Install the plugin
2. Create a new Category
3. Upload new images
4. Include the carousel in any pages / posts


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  1. oooooh duh!  sorry – i see what you mean, but then users would have to make sure they have a custom loop on their blog page to exclude the category they wanted to use for say ‘testimonials’ so they didn’t show up on their blog index page.

  2. plug-in not working and why is images are on top of each other? and adds 200px total to the width of the website.. thanks!! 😀

  3. Hi how i can show recent post on this slider  
    and how i can hshow the slider in my home page

  4. Hi.Have this plugin any settings?

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