WordPress Image Slider- Meta Slider Plugin Tutorial

WordPress Image Slider- Meta Slider Plugin Tutorial

Wordpress Image Slider – Meta Slider Pro

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Here is a tutorial video teaching you how to make a slideshow. This slideshow is created with a wordpress image slider called meta pro slider. It is has a free image slider htat is a free slidehow maker, but we highly recommed the paid version of meta slider.This wordpress slider plug in is well worth the So follow along and lets make a great slide show.


9 Replies to “WordPress Image Slider- Meta Slider Plugin Tutorial”

  1. How do u insert the slider into your theme. My theme is twenty fourteen.

  2. Hi Kent if you give us about 2 hours we will put a tutorial together for you on how you can insert the theme into your website or blog

  3. Hello, I’ve downloaded this plugin and I’m considering getting the paid version. However, do you know if this plugin can be used as a slider of your blog posts? In other words, I want to use slider images of my blog post as part of my home page which would also include some animations and a call to action button to all my blogs posts. Without seeing all that’s included in the paid version, it’s hard to tell if this can be done. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!

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