WordPress Blogging Tutorial (For BEGINNERS) – How To Create A Blog With WordPress

WordPress Blogging Tutorial (For BEGINNERS) – How To Create A Blog With WordPress

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In this step-by-step blogging tutorial video, I show you how to create a professional WordPress blog. This video is intended for people that are completely new to building a blog or a website so it is very detailed and starts off with getting a domain name and hosting account!

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This video will walk you through how to setup your blog using the free professional WordPress theme from theme4press called “HUMIX”.

Some of the things covered include:

-Setting up a domain name and hosting account with hostgator.com
-Getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent
-Installing WordPress on your hosting account
-Downloading and installing a free professional WordPress theme
-Finding free, high quality, public domain icons and photos
-Using a free online application to create a logo and edit photos.
-Creating pages and blog posts
-Understanding blogging functionality including user comments and categories
-Using the visual editor to add images and customize text
-Creating a custom navigation menu with optional drop down menus
-Adding an optional slideshow to the blog page with your own pictures and captions
-Embedding youtube videos
-Installing a contact form plugin and more!

The WordPress theme I demonstrate is also responsive! This means it re-sizes neatly on handheld devices. (I completely forgot to mention this in the video!)

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that there are “broken image icons” that display when using certain web browsers such as Google Chrome. Here is a link to a video on how to fix that:

Thank you for those who pointed that out!


18 Replies to “WordPress Blogging Tutorial (For BEGINNERS) – How To Create A Blog With WordPress”

  1. Nice video but the process seems overwhelming. I am an artist and I need to develop a site that has a gallery and a shopping cart. I reproduce my paintings (actually each original) on many different things such as cards, notebooks and other things. What is the best way to make a shopping cart for this?

  2. Good afternoon. I am a long time IT specialist and read and write 7 machine languages, but blogging is new to me. I was looking for a tutorial that was somewhere between “blogging for idiots” and “since you are already an expert” Your video is very well done. However, when I went to ThemePress, they no longer have free basic themes. Any ideas?

  3. awesome tutorial! Im having a problem with my Domain, after doing the quick install process and waiting for hours my domain is not available. hope you can help me. thanks!

  4. Hello I am enjoying the video. I am in the infant stages in setting up my blog on wordpress. I don’t the plugins in my dashboard. Can you tell me why? Thank you.

  5. How do I do the logo part with “Twenty Eleven” theme.  There is no logo area.  Please help.

  6. hi i think your tutorials are the best but i have problem with theme4press and humix it sees it does not exist what other theme should i use instead
    thanks again

  7. If I’m already using the WooCommerse & Mystile, can I still use this plugin for my blog?

  8. I set up a domain name with wordpress do you still recommend to get set up with host gator?

  9. Thanks for your help. I am still not sure how to make all my pages static except for the blog page obviously…..


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  11. How do I make a page specifically for blog posts, and how would other people be able to create blog posts on that page as well?

  12. Hi, thanks for ur video! why does my WordPress Home page look different ?It doesn’t give me the option to install new Theme!!??

  13. ALright there! have you tried – Zammu Amazing cash Crop (do as search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got treat results with it.

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