WordPress Blog Tutorial – Blogging For Beginners In 2017!

WordPress Blog Tutorial – Blogging For Beginners In 2017!

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How to create a WordPress blog in the fastest and cheapest way possible. Get all the features like Google Adsense and Analytics to make a website or a blog. Keep it simple with this WordPress blog tutorial and get started today!

WordPress blog tutorial resources

North Theme by Site Origin
HostGator for Special Page
Google Analytics
Google Adsense

I thought I’d bring you guys to YouTube today for this wordpress blogging tutorial because for me to create a WordPress blog was the first step to getting there, first as a blogger and now as a YouTuber. It’s really a great reaffirmation for me of how when you start a blog it can take you anywhere, and open a zillion doors. Not sure where that’s going, but happy to help you along the journey! 🙂 Here is a little behind the scenes video if you want to see more:

Quick Links

Get Domain Name and Hosting 2:00
Install WordPress.org to Make Blog 10:00
10 Steps to Master WordPress 13:00
Google Analytics 49:00
Google Adsense 55:00
Online Marketing 101 1:00:00

This is a free wordpress blog tutorial so you can learn WordPress blogging at your own pace. If you learn how to blog please share your experience below, I try to respond to every blogger!

Thanks so much for watching our wordpress blog tutorial for beginners – let me know if you can build a blog and how you’ll change the world!


6 Replies to “WordPress Blog Tutorial – Blogging For Beginners In 2017!”

  1. Hi Greg,
    I replied under your reply I really would love to send you my info and get some tutoring ?? Don’t know how to do a lot of stuff. Thanks if you could look at the other reply..shrugs..

  2. Hey Greg,
    I am going to be setting up a blog and I was wondering which kind of hosting I should have. I had a look at your discount option at hostgator and the wordpress hosting (on hostgator) which is a couple dollars more. I spoken to one of the support teams at hostgator and they recommended the WordPress hosting, which one do you believe a beginner should have? The only difference that I can see and have heard about is the quickness and some other things that I have no idea what they mean aha.

  3. Hi. Is it possible to change what the original theme provides on a select page, like menu bar or background without it changing those things on all pages? Love the tutorial!

  4. it took me hours to find a good video that will help! thank you so much Greg!! I’ll be starting a food blog soon…yes another one!! hopefully the audience in South Africa will take to it. thanks again for a great video!!!

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