WordPress Blog Tutorial 1: Blogging Basic

WordPress Blog Tutorial 1: Blogging Basic

Free blogging ebook at . Dr Ket-Sang Tai explains the basic of blogging and what is the different between a self-hosted and a wordpress.com hosted blog. This is the first video of a series of video tutorials teaching you have to set up a self-hosted wordpress blog.


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  1. Hi Ket. looks fairly simple to do. WIll give it a bash, can one link it to ones exsisting site or do you recommend using a new website?

  2. thank you for your video. You did an excellent job of explaining. I look forward to watching your other videos.

  3. you rock.. this is one of the most clear and concise videos I have come across regarding wordpress. Thanks

  4. Wow!! This is the way I learn; I need visuals; and I loved your analogy; do you want to teach me Chemistry and Physics now; if I had teachers like you, I would be in a better position. I learned so much more from you in just under 7 minutes. I will pass it on.

  5. who’s trying to play Grieg Concerto in A minor? They still have some work to do….

  6. Thanks for creating your videos. You give clear instructions and explain technical stuff into layman’s terms. I was actually able to setup my first blog using your other WordPress Blog Tutorial 3. I will be watching all of your videos.

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