Visual Form Builder Tutorial For WordPress

Visual Form Builder Tutorial For WordPress

Tutorial video made for Taste & See Healthy Baby Food


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  1. Thanx Brittany, 
    Enjoyed your tutorial very much.  You accomplished what your tutorial stated without getting off track.  Sometimes you’d say click on some thing but what you clicked on was not in view.  Other than that I found you have a pleasant speaking voice and found it very easy to follow along.  I was sad that this was the only tutorial you have available.  Great Job though!!

  2. GREAT tutorial Brittany! You were very easy to understand and it explained just about everything I needed to know. Thank you!!

  3. Thank you Brittany. One question. When I preview the form I created, the options for a customer to click on in the radio or checkbox show up beneath the checkbox or radio button instead of next to it. Any tips to fix that?

  4. Great tutorial…It was easy to set the form up. However, I want to use the form to have users describe their projects and list collaborators. I think I need to redirect received information to the database but I’m not sure of how to do this

  5. Thanks Brittany! Great video tutorial. I want to have a registration form which must be completed initially. Once registered, that person will be granted access to another form where they can apply for a student grant package – which will be on the same website and they can download the PDF. Does this plugin provide for this kind of registration and verification? Thank you in advance for any insight. I hate to reinvent the wheel!!

  6. Very informative! I really appreciate how clearly you speak. Your pace allows me to think about what you are saying. This is among the best tutorials I have viewed!

  7. Hey, great tutorial. Maybe next time you can have a HD video so it can be clearer. But that’s not to say the current one is not clear

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