Top 10 Free And Responsive WordPress Themes 2016

Top 10 Free And Responsive WordPress Themes 2016

Best Free WordPress Themes 2016. Find the best free themes for WordPress! Heres some of the best wordpress themes that are free! I have took a small list of some that i think deserve to be shown more and put these themes on the list. Most of these themes are responsive and have ecommerce compatability. I was so tired of seeing the same free themes on every blog and these free themes deserve some more attention! Feel feel to try some of these themes, they are really good and easy to use. I have personally used most of these themes so i know that they are good fpr people who are new to wordpress. Make your wordpress website for free with some of these new best free themes for wordpress!

#1 Download Shopisle Theme:

#2 Download BEonepage Lite:

#3 Download Britt Theme:

#4 Download Perth Theme:

#5 Download Blackbeard:

#6 Download Optimizer Theme:

#7Download Accesspress Theme:

#8 Download Bento Theme:

#9Download Astrid Theme:

#10 Download Tora Theme:

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29 Replies to “Top 10 Free And Responsive WordPress Themes 2016”

  1. Please suggest a wordpress theme for building a website having a single long scroll down page like facebook where newer post appear at the top. Please suggest.

  2. Boy, it annoying that you have music going at the same time as you speak and at more or less the same volume. Can’t do it. Won’t finish the video. Not worth it. Jumped ship at 0:49..

  3. Hi, what do you think of the Hitchcock Theme? I read about it in some articles. Appreciate any recomendation from you.

  4. there is an error in the pikachulot, but it’s a amazing website. Thank you for showing

  5. I liked sooo much your pokemon website! it’s funny !! Thanks for the vidéo brooo ! !!

  6. Excellent Video! Thank you! Can most of these themes link to my YouTube Channel? Also, do i need Woo-Commerce to link to my Amazon Affiliate products? thank you again.

  7. Where are the tutorials on Shop Isle. None of the sliders are working on my site.

  8. can you please make video on magazine themes​ or suggest me the best magazine theme

  9. Awesome video, I like the way you featured the themes. I’m researching themes for my Top 10 List video and a couple of the ones you mentioned are on the list. I just thumbs up the video and Subscribed to your channel. Cool videos all around.

  10. Someone please get this kid a thesaurus. I had to pass on his advice because I was tired of hearing how everything is “really cool.”

  11. I meant harest pro theme.. don’t know if that makes a difference haha
    Thanks so much 🙂

  12. Do you think the shop isle theme would be good for someone that doesn’t have an e com store? I really like the lay out, but I sell a service and not a physical product

  13. hi …

    i want know which is the best theme for a classified website.

    i wanna make a classified website wich will related all types of service..

    plz ans..

    i m regular watcher of your videos.

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